Reich Is Out, Saturday Is In

Matt Kryger/The Star

After a lot of burning down in Indianapolis, another piece has fallen. Frank Reich has been fired as the Indianapolis Colts head coach. This is the first time in Jim Irsay’s ownership a coach has ever been fired midseason. What does this mean for the Colts going forward? At least for the rest of the season, Jeff Saturday will lead the way.

Reich Is Gone

After another year of disappointment for the Colts, Irsay decided to just pull the trigger and fire Reich after another week of offensive disappointment. In his time there, Frank Reich had a record of 40-33-1 in his four plus seasons with the team. He started the season 3-5-1 this year with a roster most thought could have won the division, maybe even a playoff game or two. Whether it was all him or not, Reich’s offensive numbers were atrocious this year.

For whatever reason while he was there, he just could not have the same quarterback for consecutive seasons. It also felt like sometimes players were underutilized or not fully bought in at times. As a fan, it was always sad to see a solidly built Colts team that had good potential just underperform with so much talent. With so much in question now, it will be interesting to see if and where Frank Reich could coach again. This was truly an unexpected way for this season to go for the Colts, and even more surprising that they lost their head coach in the middle of the season. The future for the Colts seems foggy and cloudy. When it comes to making the playoffs, the Colts seem to be hoping for a miracle. As for the near future of the Colts, they made their biggest shock signing they could have.

Jeff Saturday!?

I just mean wow. A name no one expected and a name that still does not feel real. For the rest of the season, The Colts will have Jeff Saturday be the head coach.

With no experience at all other than high school, others along with myself do not know what to expect from the Jeff Saturday led Colts. There are two big questions for the Colts. One is what will be Jeff Saturday’s role and impact as a coach. Another big question right now is who is going to call plays? With the OC and head coach who was calling plays gone, this is an interesting decision. Can Jeff Saturday help the Colts? There is really nothing to base on how he will do other than his time as a player. As a player, he was a great leader and even was one of the best people to represent the NFLs player union. Can that translate into coaching? We will have to see.

What a wild time to be a Colts fan.

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