Rodgers Wanted Gutekunst out in Green Bay in 2021

Rodgers Wanted Gutekunst Out
Jonathan Jones, USA TODAY Sports

Even well after Aaron Rodgers was traded to the New York Jets, we’re still hearing about the drama in Green Bay. At this point, we better get accept it. And this latest news might not be news to some speculators out there, more of a confirmation of what some may have expected. The relationship between Rodgers and GM Brian Gutekunst was tense, we all know that. Reports of displeasure between the two parties have been around for a while but it was unclear as to how bad it really was. Until now. Per Matt Schneidman of The Athletic, Rodgers wanted Gutekunst dimissed from his role as GM.

In an interview with Rodgers, the Jets QB had a lot to say about how things ended in Green Bay. Of course, he started with the drafting of Jordan Love creating a rift between himself and the front office. He did want to clarify that he’s never held any ill will towards Love. Up to that point, Rodgers already had problems with how the front office handled things especially with player personnel. Between those two things, Rodgers had had enough.

“According to a source associated with the team who was granted anonymity to candidly discuss the sensitive dynamics between the front office and the star quarterback, early in the 2021 offseason, Dunn, Rodgers’ agent, called Packers president Mark Murphy with a request: Fire Gutekunst or trade Rodgers. Murphy did neither. Months later, news broke that Rodgers wanted out of Green Bay, but the Packers held firm.”

When asked about this report, Rodgers referred to his agent Dave Dunn who didn’t answer The Athletic’s request for comment.

Even though this didn’t happen, a contract extension and the promise of change in the front office led to everyone tolerating each other. Rodgers did still end up sharing his problems with the Packers to the world although he did give Russ Ball a shout out. The Packers VP and director of football operations did make the best efforts to help with Rodgers’ demands according to the QB.

Rodgers went on to discuss other events that led to the divorce. Davante Adams‘ departure, Rodgers not showing up to OTAs, and the darkness retreat led to more uneasiness all around. He said Gute and him texted each other early in the offseason about meeting up but it never happened. He implied Gute should’ve tried harder, but also didn’t make himself out to be the best communicator either.

“Did Brian text me more than I texted him? Yeah, but did I ghost him? No,” Rodgers said.

In the end, both sides got what they wanted. The Packers get to start over with a promising young talent they feel good about. Rodgers gets a fresh start to the end of his career on a team filled with young talent themselves. It was messy, messier than some of us probably imagined. The question now is who gets the last laugh?

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