Scorpio Sky is TNT Champion Again!

Scorpio Sky 2X TNT champion, Photo Credit AEW

Scorpio Sky is TNT Champion Again! Scorpio Sky had recently lost the title at AEW’s Battle of the Belts II to Sammy Guevara. However, last night on Dynomite, they faced each other again for the title. The match was contested in a ladder match. This was not the first ladder match for the TNT championship this year, as there was also one against Cody Rhodes last January.

This marks Scorpio Sky’s second run with the title, and the second this very year. Scorpio Sky’s first run was 37 days long. He beat Sammy Guevara to become the TNT champion that time as well. Between them in this feud, there have been four title changes in total.

Scorpio Sky has been with AEW since the beginning but much of his run was pretty much forgotten. He was part of a team called SoCal Uncensored, but that team didn’t accomplish much of note. It was in late 2021 when he started getting some wins on dark that it became apparent that AEW might be pushing him at last.

Truth be told, his entry into AEW’s TNT title scene was something of a surprise. Some had suggested that this was in response to an accusation by former AEW wrestler, Big Swole, of Tony Khan, supposedly not booking African American Wrestlers in prominent places on the card. Because this is wrestling, there is no way to know for sure if she was right. I feel like Scorpio Sky probably earned his success…

Whatever the case may be… Scorpio Sky’s rocket push appears to have paid off. His victory on Dynomite was met with thunderous applause. Scorpio Sky is quickly becoming one of AEW’s rising stars.

And what of Sammy Guevera, he’s now a former 3-Time TNT Champion. His last reign was only a mere 11 days long. The shortest in AEW history. I wouldn’t rule him out though. Regardless, congratulations to Scorpio Sky!

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