The Best Atmosphere in Sports

Playoff hockey is unlike any other scene in sports. The pace, the play, the energy, it can’t be beat. T- Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, better known as The Fortress, takes it to a whole new level.

I went to the show and a hockey game broke out

That’s really what a Golden Knights game is, a giant party. Music pumping, lights flashing, the crowd into every minute of it. They even have a knight come out and lift a sword declaring it’s “our fortress” to get the crowd buzzing. Playoff games feature amazing productions of stories complete with actors and narration shown directly on the ice. When they played the Sharks in the playoffs before the pandemic started, the theme of the first home game was how the sharks have entered their waters. Seconds later, archers were shooting at the sharks that were displayed on the ice.

The theme of game two against Montreal was the original six teams sitting at a table, and Montreal cast Vegas fans out of the NHL. Wanting revenge, a knight came and lifted his sword, and the rest is history.

The best comparison is Disney. Think about it, people go and buy into the magic even though it’s all just pretend. You feel the magic either way. When you at a Golden Knights game in person, you feel it.

Oh yeah, they have a good hockey team too

When all of the acting is over, the drums take over. The “Knight Line” begins playing as the lights keep flashing and a knights helmet is slowly lowered to the ice. When the team walks out of the hallway and skates through the helmet, it’s knight time. The puck drops and it is on. The notion that the Vegas fans know nothing about hockey is complete false. They get into the game, they are engaged, and it gives an already dangerous team a boost. Sharks goalie Martin Jones was pulled after giving up three goals 6:56 into game four during the playoff series in 2019. Game one wasn’t as bad for Carey Price and Montreal, but there was no answer from the Vegas scoring as they beat the Habs 4-1.

Vegas made it to the Stanley Cup Final in their first year as a team and have been in the playoffs as high seeds in every season they’ve existed. The Golden Knights have shown how good of an organization they are. If your going to talk the talk and have a big production every night, you better play well. So far, the swords are still sharp.

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