The NBA’s Real MVP

Steph Curry
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In the wake of Nikola Jokic earning the NBA’s MVP award, people are talking about who actually deserved it. When you think of the MVP, what qualities do you think of? Having the first seed? Making a deep playoff run? Or is it someone who is truly valuable to their team to the point that they are not even close to the team they are with them? In what seemed to be the year of the big man, Jokic and Embiid battling for MVP and Rudy Gobert being a brick wall in the paint, the true Most Valuable Player was literally looked over. Who is the true MVP? It is the 6′ 3″ PG of the Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry.

Why Steph Curry you ask? Well, its a mix of stats and what a lot of people call the “eye test”. Curry just won the scoring title and led the league in 3-pointers made with 337. He shot 42% from behind the arc and shot almost 50% from the field. The true MVP also led his team to a 39-33 record coming off a season that he missed completely.

Eye Test

Last season when the Warriors were without Curry, (Klay too but him missing this season as well makes his presence irrelevant) they had a record of 15-50, finishing dead last in the Western Conference. Yet, when he came back this season with a pretty similarly built roster, he led them to a potential playoff spot with the 8th seed, only to lose twice in the play-in tournament. There is no way you can tell me Curry is not the most valuable person to his team than anyone is to theirs. The 76ers would have still been somewhat competing without Embiid, as well as the Nuggets without Jokic.

There is only one MVP in the NBA. The guy who makes or breaks the teams’ success. It would be really hard for me to be convinced that it is anyone other than Steph Curry. The evidence is pointing right to him, but we have become blinded to what being the true MVP entails.

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