USA Men Top Mexico

The USA men soccer team celebrate after defeating Mexico 1-0 in Gold Cup Final (Joe Camporeale – USA Today)

USA Men Top Mexico. The USA men’s soccer team did something pretty special last Sunday night as they overcame all the obstacles and won the Gold Cup. Beating Mexico 1-0, they also beat Mexico a couple of months ago in the Nations league final 3-2 in Denver Colorado. In group play, they did not lose a game in the gold cup beating Haiti, Martinique, and Canada. And then beat Jamaica in the Quarterfinals and Qatar in the Simi finals.

USA Men Win the Gold Cup Against Mexico

Mexico had possession for most of the game 63% to 37%. But the USA men’s stellar defense the whole game jolted them to victory. Matt Turner (The goalie for the USA) played exceptionally the whole tournament, especially against Mexico. Where he played all 120 minutes and had 5 crucial saves. The game was scoreless at halftime as the USA played defense for most of the half. Mexico had lots of opportunities and open goals but could not capitalize. The second half was more of the same, but the USA came out a little more aggressive as they got more opportunities to score. But like Mexico, they could not capitalize. In the extra time in the 117 minutes, the USA finally broke through. As Miles Robinson gave the USA the lead, his second of the gold cup as he also scored in the 50 minutes of the group stage match against Martinique. His goal against Mexico broke the ice for the USA as it led them to victory, the 7th gold cup title.

The Conclusion

This win against Mexico last Sunday night to me was much more than just winning the gold cup as Mexico came in as the heavy favorites as the USA. Was missing a lot of key players, against a very good and experienced Mexico team. But to me with all this country has been through the last year with the Pandemic. And all the hate in the country this day and age, these kids gave Americans hope. And the special thing is these kids don’t even realize what kind of impact that wins had in this country. As they showed the whole country that if you work together as a team you can accomplish anything if you work as a team. And you talk about Gregg Berhalter and the job he did with this team I don’t care what anybody says USA soccer is back. And as far as World Cup Qualifying goes the USA men are hot right now. Not saying they are going to qualify. But they have a great chance to with how they have been playing these last couple of months.

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