Verstappen Threatening to Retire

Max Verstappen is threatening to retire. Verstappen is annoyed with penalties facing his team. Instead of sufferering through a potentially difficult season he is contemplating retirement.
Photo Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

In Formula One there have been four drivers to win consecutive championships since 2000. Max Verstappen has added his name to this list but he will want to join another list. Three drivers have won four or more titles in a row. That might not happen though. Frustration with the penalty leveled against Red Bull has Verstappen threatening to retire.

Looking ahead to next season things will be very tight. Ferrari had its best finishes in years, and Mercedes seemed to figure something out in the last few races. Red Bull will be under immense pressure. There could be as many as six drivers vying for the driver’s championship. With the least WindTunnel time that they’ve had in years, Red Bull is at a big disadvantage. This will severely limit their ability to prepare their car for next season. How they make the most of this time will be critical. 

Moody racers

Last year Lewis Hamilton appeared to be the one looking to retire.  After finishing second to Verstappen in the driver’s championship and being a bit disillusioned with the FIA. Hamilton spent most of the off-season in limbo, trying to decide. After skipping the dinner at the end of last season and making comments about how unsure he was, we just didn’t know. It looked like he was going to retire, but that would not be the case. Verstappen has claimed in the past that he would retire upon the expiry of his contract. However, his frustration about the outlook of next season could change that and he could retire early.

He is frustrated by the situation and annoyed with Red Bull.  Now Verstappen is threatening to retire. As a two-time reigning champion stepping down on top is never a bad option. However, he does have a great opportunity to try and win three or more straight and cement his legacy. Louis Hamilton, newly retired Sebastien Vettel, and all-time great Michael Schumacher all won four straight championships. If Verstappen wants to add his name to that list, he’s going to need a bit of luck. He’s also going to need Red Bull to squeeze every ounce out of their limited tunnel time.

Ricciardo at the Ready

Daniel Ricciardo has rejoined Red Bull Racing for next season. He will be the third driver, but could take over with Verstappen threatening to retire.
Photo Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull is in a position of advantage over Verstappen. Daniel Ricciardo was signed to be the third driver and backup. If Verstappen decides to step down, having Ricardo in the wings will be a great option for Red Bull. This option could also be leveraged so they do not have to increase Max’s wages.  While he was a bit off the pace of the championship race this season, Riccardo is a skilled driver that would be capable of taking the proper car to the top of Formula One. Racing with McLaren he has not been able to compete the way people might’ve thought the last couple of years. However, with an upgraded car and the strong supporting cast of Red Bull he could flourish.  If Verstappen retires, Daniel Ricciardo could be a name to look out for next season.

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