What Should You Do With the First Overall Pick in Dynasty?

Bijan Robinson celebrates a touchdown
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Did you jump aboard the Bijan Robinson bandwagon last season? Perhaps you tanked, trading away your best players for picks in hopes of landing the Texas star running back. Maybe you made a trade a couple of seasons ago, and it turned out that random first-round pick you acquired is now the 1.01. It’s possible your team just sucks. Whatever the case, you now have the first overall pick in your league’s rookie draft. Congratulations! Now trade it.

Yes. I mean it. Trade away Robinson. This might sound like a terrible idea. Why would you trade away your reward for a lost season? I know what you’re probably saying. “But he’s so good.” Precisely. Robinson is too good. Your team is not ready for him. It will actually hurt your team to add a talent like Robinson. Let me explain.

There is one exception. If you have the 1.01 from a trade and were in the upper half of the teams in your league last year, disregard this advice. Go ahead and draft the player that will take your team to the next level.

Why You Need to Trade Away the First Overall Pick

You have the number one pick. You are almost certainly one of the worst teams in your league. Is one player going to make you a championship contender? With your current roster, which just lost most of its games, is Robinson going to elevate that team to the top of your league? No. No, he is not. He will have this effect on a better team. The aforementioned team is one hundred percent aware of that. They will likely pay whatever it takes to get Robinson out of your hands and into theirs. The multiple players and picks that this team will give you are what your team needs to rebuild.

Dynasty fantasy football is usually a slow process. That is part of its appeal. Because of this, one player cannot turn a team around. Obviously, it is much easier to draft Robinson. You have to put less thought into that decision. However, championships are not won on easy decisions. If they were, we would all win a lot more championships. Instead, you must examine your team for what gives you the most value. Multiple solid players and/or multiple high-value picks add more depth to your roster. As a manager in the process of a rebuild, depth is what you need.

Trade the 1.01. Take the value. Improve your team.

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