Will Ryan Day Relinquish Play-Calling Duties?

Ryan Day Play-calling
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After a season of disappointment in losing to its biggest rival Michigan and failing to make the National Championship game. The Ohio State head coach is in a position where he is now questioning the offensive play-calling duties. Ryan Day’s play-calling is how he became head coach of the Ohio State football team. If he was to stop calling plays he would give up what allowed him to inherit the job. However, Ohio State has promoted wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator Brian Hartline to offensive coordinator. Hartline will be responsible for play-calling in the spring.

Ryan Day Will Decide Play-Calling Duties In A Few Months

In an article former Ohio State football player and announcer, Kirk Herbstreit says that coach Day may give up play-calling. Herbstreit also states that “he needs to become more of a manager as head coach. Therefore, there is a lot that goes into game planning for Day’s play-calling.”

For instance, if Day gives up play-calling duties it would be the first time he is not the signal caller. Head Coach Day was hired at the Ohio State University in 2017 as Co-offensive coordinator. After that, Day would be named head coach. During his head coaching tenure, he has put together high-scoring offenses but has fallen short in big game opportunities. In order for this season to be a successful one. Headman Day may need to take a step back and have a more holistic approach for the entire team.

Brian Hartline Was Promoted To Offensive Coordinator

If Ohio State football is going to get over this hump they are currently experiencing it will need to be a team effort. Above all, allowing Day the room to be more of a CEO would do wonders. The first step in doing so was the promotion of Brian Hartline to offensive coordinator. Hartline was a former player and has coached on the team since 2017.

In 2018 Hartline became the wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator. Likewise the current head coach Day. He and Hartline have similar backgrounds and maybe the help this team needs. As he takes over as the offensive coordinator he will be the play-caller for spring training. Time will tell if play-calling duties will be Hartline’s responsibility.

Ryan Day Undecided On Play-Calling At The Moment

Heading into the spring for Ohio State the head coach is not sure if he will relinquish the play-calling duties. New offensive coordinator Hartline will be in charge of calling plays for the spring. This will be a big change because Day has been calling the plays solely since 2019. Going into this season Day is more open to the idea of not being the signal caller. He is considering because of the more non-football-related demands as head coach. As well Day wants to look closer at time management and be a bigger presence around the building.


This spring will pose a lot of questions for this football team before the start of the next season. One of the biggest questions hoping to be answered quickly is the new offensive Coordinator Hartline. He has never called plays before but has been around offenses for years to know the craft. Highly touted as the best wide receivers coach in the country. For that reason, we will see if this next jump is a great fit for him. The next question will be all about the head coach.

Becoming a bigger presence for his team. Allowing his coaches to flourish in their respective roles. As well as being able to see this upcoming quarterback competition closely. Coach Day is looking to grow as the head man and lead his team to a National Championship win.

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