WWE “Season Preview” What’s Next Following WrestleMania 38?

The Bloodline at Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania Photo Credits: WWE.com/ WWE Media

WWE is coming off the heels of one of, if not the most successful WrestleMania weekend of all time. This meaning it is time for a new “season”, with new storylines, characters and plot twists waiting to unfold. What is next for WWE to follow up their biggest show of the year and to carry us through Summer of 2022 into SummerSlam, the next “big four premium live event?”

Cody’s Rise

Cody Rhodes on Raw addressing the WWE Universe: Photo Credits: WWE.com: WWE Media.

Cody Rhodes successfully has returned at WrestleMania, getting a win over Seth “Freaking” Rollins in the process. On Raw Cody came out and addressed the WWE Universe and made his intentions clear, to capture the big one his father Dusty Rhodes “The American Dream” was never able to. Following his speech, Seth came out and shook the hand of Cody Rhodes to bury their one match program. WWE will be looking to build Cody up over the next few months, to potentially set up his match with the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns down the line.

Some names Cody can feud with in order to establish himself as a big player and build momentum towards becoming the number one contender include: Kevin Owens, Omos, Edge, The Miz, and Dolph Ziggler. WWE wants to slow burn this story as long as possible, build investment and make it look like Cody has a fighting chance against Roman Reigns during his historic title reign.

Give Drew His Title Shot

Drew McIntyre with Angela the Sword: Photo Credits: WWE.com/WWE Media

Drew was the workhorse for WWE, during the dark days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when his championship run took place. Drew never got to celebrate his championship win with the fans, as it took place just weeks after the pandemic took over the world. WWE has worked to keep Drew as a main event player since and now is the time to execute with him taking a shot at Roman and his two belts. If WWE does decide to drop the unification Drew maybe the right guy to take one of the two, off of him. He has been in a long term feud with Happy Corbin and giving him the honor of being the first individual to kick out of “the End of Days” finisher seems to be a good indication for how they are trying to set up Drew to be the next in line for the title.

Drew can be the contender for the next set of Premium Live Events, as this is a feud we have seen before, but it was not overdone. This time around as well, the roles are reversed. Drew is the face hungry to regain his title and Roman is in the midst of a historic championship reign taking down all that stand in his way. It will be exciting to see these two face off again for the first time since WrestleMania 35, when Roman first returned to the ring.

Establishing Zayn & Owens As Top Heels

Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens: Photo Credits: WWE.com/ WWE Media

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are both coming off two of the most successful matches from this past weekends WrestleMania event. Sami Zayn wrestled Johnny Knoxville in an all time entertaining Anything Goes match, while Kevin Owens fought “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to main event Night 1 of the Show of Shows. WWE last year made an effort to re-sign both gentlemen to long term extensions, which they were successful at doing. It is time to reward the duo for their loyalty.

Right now WWE does not have many established top guys who are heels besides Roman Reigns, so it is time to build up Sami and Kevin as two of those top heels. Continue to include them in big moments at Premium Live Events and give them important storylines to keep them relevant. They could even be the ones who take the Mid Card titles and help make them relevant in WWE programming again. Championships or not, give these two all world talents a feeling of success after choosing to stay put, rather than jump ship to AEW.

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