AFC North Power Rankings


Today we focus on the AFC North in particular. Not recognized as one of the toughest divisions. However each team has a reasonable stake at winning the division. Heading into the 2022 regular season the AFC as a whole is extremely competitive. With arguably the best young QB’s in the game right now all in one conference. Therefore the AFC north is no exception with 3 of top young stars at QB.

Disclaimer: These rankings are with the assumption that Deshaun Watson would have some type of suspension.

Cincinnati Bengals

First up are the Bengals. With respect to the super bowl runner ups they have improved their football team tremendously. Priority number 1 was improving the offensive line and they did that. The drafting of La’el Collins and adding other lineman like Ted Karras, Alex Cappa will go a long way in protecting Joe Burrow. A great young quarterback in season 2, so therefore he still has improving to do. The defense is pretty solid. For the Bengals the calling card for them is their wide receiver tandem. Ja’marr Chase, Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd. This team will be a force for years to come.

Baltimore Ravens

At 8-9 last season the Ravens missed the playoffs because of injuries. with an injury plagued season derailed super bowl aspirations because of that I am expectant of a bounce back season. Having the most dynamic quarterback in the division the Ravens are always a force. The calling card for this team has always been the run game. Coming back this season is starter JK Dobbins to bring much needed help. Defense is top tier and seasoned and with the best kicker in the league their never out of it.

Cleveland Browns

Uncertainty on the discipline of Deshaun Watson the Cleveland Browns could be in the mix to compete for a division tittle. As a result of such expectations the Browns have the talent to compete. The run game of the Browns is great, for instance they have the best running back tandem in the league. Without Deshaun Watson this will be important to have. According to Pro Football focus the Cleveland Browns have the 2nd best offensive line in the league. In addition to the offensive line, run game the Browns defense is as well top tier. With Myles Garrett and Clowney shoring up the defensive line and pass rush it opens everything up. For instance they pass rush tandem will open things for corners like Denzel Ward to cover freely. Like wise it helps linebackers play freely.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The legendary Steelers can never be counted out. Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season, because of that the Steelers are always dangerous. For instance this Steelers team is in post Big Ben era and it seems they will continue to ride the defense. However they’re question marks at the QB position. As a result of drafting Kenny Pickett and signing Mitchel Trubisky. The steelers will look to continue to move the franchise forward. In conclusion the Steelers are just as big of a threat as teams from 1st to last.


As a result of a very tough division I think each will hover around .500 all season long. Bengals are first followed by Ravens, Browns and Steelers. The top team can be anywhere from 13-10 wins with the second to fourth with anywhere from 9-11 wins. Finally these teams have to compete in a very difficult AFC conference. For the next 5-10 years AFC football will be terrific to spectate.

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  1. Artis Farmer

    Great article and perspectives. Benglas all the way

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