Raiders Make A Monumental Move

photo credit / AP Photo – John Lochter

A great day for the double-minorities in the sports industry. Thursday, July 7, 2022 will go down in history as being a day many of us will never forget. Raiders make a monumental move as Sandra Douglass Morgan makes history as the first black woman to become an NFL organization’s team president. Morgan is no stranger to the city of Las Vegas. She is a native who served as chairwoman and executive director of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Raiders owner Mark Davis stated, “I am thrilled that Sandra has agreed to join the Raiders family, her experience, integrity, and passion for this community will be invaluable to our organization.” He went on to crown Morgan with honor by saying, “From the moment I met Sandra, I knew she was a force to be reckoned with. We are extremely lucky to have her at the helm.”

Sandra knows plenty about breaking the hurdles of being double-minority. She was the 1st person of color to chair the Nevada Gaming Control Board. By transcending the position of president for an NFL team, it’s astonishing for African-Americans to see. Morgan made a statement after accepting the position, “It’s no secret that this organization has faced some recent challenges. But I want to be clear: I’m not here to sweep anything under the rug or avoid problems or concerns that need to be addressed. The fact is I accepted this role was because I believe in the promise of the Raiders….I believe in this community that we now call home that has embraced this team with open arms.” It’s definitely a monumental day, not just for women of color, but for ALL women. We can appreciate this strong stand the NFL has taken for our gender. The NFL being the most popular sport in America, will put a different face on the league. A face of equality, a face of fairness, and a face of impartiality. This is a movement that has the potential to spread amongst all professional sports in the country. The Las Vegas Raiders make a monumental move and the organization and players are excited about the start of this new chapter.

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