Aftermath of Colts vs Titans

Sam Ehlinger
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Colts vs Titans was a low scoring battle between the two division foes. The Titans beat the Colts 19-10 on Sunday. With the Titans now winning both of the division games against the Colts, both teams’ seasons have become a bit more interesting.


This was a tough loss for the Colts. The Colts really needed this win after the way they have started the season. There are now even rumors that Matt Ryan’s arm is shot and he has to put more into throws. Regardless, the Colts did not play well Sunday. The Titans have now won four straight games over the Colts. Now in order to win the division, the Colts are going to need some help.

When it came to the Colts vs Titans, turnovers did it again. Ryan had 2 interceptions, one being returned for a pick 6. Jonathan Taylor looked alright in his return game. He only had 10 rushing attempts but was able to get 7 receptions in the passing game. As for the wide receivers, Paris Campbell had a great game where he had 10 catches for 70 yards and a TD. Michael Pittman had 6 catches for 58 yards but he fumbled late in the game that was basically the dagger. It is frustrating to watch this team right now as a fan. They play well enough to win some weeks, but refuse to be awake in the first half. Since the last Jacksonville game last season, the Colts have yet to lead into a half. While the comebacks are awesome and they have had some good wins this year, it is hard to comeback in every single game.

Colts Playoff hopes

When it comes to playoffs, the Colts will be in some trouble now. The Colts are a game back from the wildcard spot, but the teams ahead of them seem to be performing better.

As a fan I don’t even know how to describe this team. This is a very talented roster that just seems to underperform way more often than they should. It feels like every week changes my mind. One week I think they could win a game or two in the playoffs. Next week comes and they seem hopeless to even make it. I will back the Colts until the wheels fall off, but man this is a rough start to the season. For the rest of the season, the Colts have:

vs Commanders

@ Patriots

@ Raiders

vs Eagles

vs Steelers

@ Cowboys


@ Vikings

vs Chargers

@ Giants

vs Texans

There are some winnable games here for the Colts but they must start to play better offensively and protect the ball. The way it sounds now too, Sam Ehlinger will be the guy moving forward. The Colts have decided to move from Ryan to Ehlinger after what sounds like a mix of quarterback play and injury. I’m excited to see where the team goes now with the kid in.


As for the Titans, they handled business like they have the past few years. They have beat the colts 4 straight times and for the second year in a row have command of the division. With the Colts out of their way now, all the Titans have to do is split with the Jaguars and Texans and the division is theirs.

When it came to the Colts vs Titans, Derrick Henry had a really good day again. He had over 100 on the ground and seems to get the big yards when it mattered at the end of the game. Other than that, the Titans O did just enough to win. The defense really took over again, as they forced 3 takeaways with one being a pick 6. This Titans team continues to roll now after a slow start to the season. The road begins to get a bit tough now however. The Titans play a really interesting schedule, so they cannot fall asleep at the wheel. After the Texans next week, this is the schedule for the Titans: 

@ Chiefs

vs Broncos

@ Packers

vs Bengals

@ Eagles

vs Jaguars

@ Chargers

vs Texans

vs Cowboys

@ Jacksonville

If they can find a way to win the games they should, the Titans will find themselves in the playoffs again this year.

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