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The AFC north division has been off to a slow start. In recent weeks the teams have started to gain momentum. During the off-season, this division had high individual expectations. However, things haven’t really gone to plan for each team. The Baltimore Ravens lead the pact. However, the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns follow behind the Ravens. Neither team have been what they would like to be this far into the season. The Browns broke a four-game losing streak against the Bengals, and this same Bengals team looked to be ready to make that leap and catch fire this season. Right now a bit of uncertainty faces the Bengals. As well the Pittsburgh Steelers are in uncharted territory. We will look at each team so far into the season and heading into week eight.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens lead the AFC North division at 5-3 and hold a 2-0 divisional record. This Ravens team has not been all rainbow and sunshine. News recently broke that Baltimore’s number-one receiver Rashod Bateman will undergo Lysfranc surgery that will end his season. Along with Rashod Bateman, JK Dobbins was recently sidelined again because of complications from his ACL injury. Possibly because of multiple injuries, the Ravens traded a second-round pick to bring in linebacker Roquan Smith. Following this trade, it looks as if the Ravens will let their defense lead the way for this team through the rest of the season.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals come in second in the AFC North division race but last with a divisional record of 0-3. Cincinnati recently lost to the Browns in a pretty dominating fashion. Before that game news broke that top wideout Ja’Marr Chase would be sidelined for four to six weeks with a hip injury. As well cornerback Awuzie tore his ACL in that Monday night football game. So the Bengals will look to stay afloat while Ja’Marr Chase is out. They will look to bounce back Sunday against the Panthers which may be a good team to do it against. Finally, the Bengals will have the second-hardest schedule in the NFL going forward.

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are the third-place team in the AFC North. However, they have the second-best divisional record behind the Ravens at 2-1. Over the first half of their season, this team struggled. In large part because of the defense not living up to its own expectations. After a rocky few weeks when it seemed as though the season was just about over, instead they had the teams most impressive win against the Bengals in dominating fashion. Above all that win snapped a four-game losing streak. The Browns are alive for the divisional race and if they can pull out two of the next three games things could get interesting. A Monday night win against a divisional opponent was huge and breathed new life into the team.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are currently last in the AFC North. Going through a transition themselves the Steelers are in unfamiliar territory. Pittsburgh just traded one of their better receivers, Chase Claypool, for a second-round pick to the Chicago Bears. A move like this could signal the fact that this team may be in a bit of a rebuild/ retool movement. This team currently looks to be moving forward with Kenny Pickett as the next franchise quarterback. T.J Watt recently returned to practice from his pectoral injury. Once he can fully return there should be positive progress made.

AFC North – Conclusion

The Ravens and Bengals have lost impactful players for an extended period of time. Both of these teams are wounded but can not be counted out. Next, the Cleveland Browns seem to be in a position to gain momentum against the Ravens and Bengals. The real question is can this Browns team capitalize on the opportunities? History says that they cannot. If the Browns can win two of three games things could get interesting. Pittsburgh is awaiting the return of T.J Watt to see who this team can be going into the future. The last nine games in the AFC North can get very exciting and interesting for once.

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