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With Texas and Oklahoma moving to the SEC, questions about the future of the conference have arose. Who is going to replace Texas and Oklahoma? Or will the Big 12 dissolve? According to reports, the conference has discussed a possible merger with the Pac-12. Everything is on the table at the moment. 

According to reports an AD in the Big 12 stated “There is no combination of Group of 5 members we can add that will garner our same TV deal, but it’s all on the table right now.”

The idea comes after thoughts of merging with the Pac-12 instead of adding teams to an already broken conference. All options for the Big 12 are currently on the table as the future remains full of uncertainty.

There has been talk of UCF and Cincinnati joining in place of Texas and Oklahoma. According to one Athletic Director, that doesn’t bring a ton of looks to the conference.

With this option on the table, a realignment of the Power 5 programs could seriously shake up the college football world. From the Pac-12’s perspective, there doesn’t need to be any fast moves, since the Pac is pretty set as is.

The discussion of a possible merger with the Pac-12 brings up several questions about the Pac-12’s tier one research requirement.

Could a possible College Football Playoff with four teams be on the horizon? Could a 22 team conference really be on the table for both conferences? What would this mean for Pac- 12 schools? 

What is next for the future of college football? Would this mean more money for the Pac-12 and exposure nationally? 

Stay tuned as the developments come in. We will be following every update. 

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