Breaking Down Who Wants To Join The SEC

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We already know Oklahoma and Texas are joining the SEC. But, there powerhouse conference has other suitors as well. Clemson and Florida State has also inquired about joining. Does it make sense? Let’s break it all down.

School One – Texas

The proud Texas Longhorns have said that they will make the move to the SEC in the coming years. Texas has been trying to get back to the glory days for quite some time now. They have made some steps forward, but subsequently taken a lot of steps back. From a geographical standpoint the move makes perfect sense. They are located in prime SEC territory. This also means that the Longhorns and Aggies rivalry is back on from their days in Big 12 play.

Here is the problem. Texas as they are constructed are not good enough to make it in the SEC. Defense has proven to be optional in the Big 12 as of late and Texas is no exception to that. They need to improve the defense as well as play well more consistently in order to run in the SEC. The switch should help with recruiting so ideally, this may not be a long term problem.

School Two – Oklahoma

Offense is not the problem for OU. The Lincoln Riley air raid is dangerous with speed from top to bottom. All of the pass catchers and the backs have the ability to run right by you. Another thing you get when you play the Sooners is good quarterback play. Spencer Rattler is having some trouble right now, but Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, and Jalen Hurts all had success in the offense. Rattler’s predecessors were Heisman Trophy finalists, two of them one it, and each QB lead their team to the college football playoff. And if that isn’t enough, all three are now starting NFL quarterbacks. As long as they keep the Bedlam game alive, there will be no objections.

That defense is still a mess and still needs to be improved. You won’t win in the SEC if you can’t stop anybody. Schools like Alabama and Georgia will beat up on Oklahoma by matching them on offense and beating up their defense.

School Three – Florida State

FSU is 0-4 with losses to Jacksonville State and Syracuse. Huge yikes. Does this look like an SEC team to anybody? Heck no. But, they did ask about joining so we have to mention them (sigh). This team looks like an absolute joke of a program right now with no signs of getting any better.

There’s no doubt the Noles and the Gators playing each other would hit differently as SEC opponents. The Gators will continue to deliver the beat down unless there is a drastic change within the Florida State program. If they make the move to the SEC, they need to take advantage of the perks that comes with it or they will get steamrolled.

School Four – Clemson

Raise your hand if you had Clemson losing two games on your college football bingo card….yeah me either. If the Clemson of 2021 is the team moving to the SEC, then this is going to be trouble. If they can get back to what they did the last few years, there is some promise. It’s safe to say that Clemson won’t have an easy time in the SEC like they have had in the ACC. Maybe that’s a good thing. We all know how weak the ACC has been as of late compared to the other power 5 conferences.

Clemson is a good program. Hopefully 2021 is a fluke year for them and they can bounce back in 2022. They usually do a very good job with recruiting and finding talent. That will come easier in the SEC. The idea of the move makes sense from a completion standpoint. The question is can they sustain the momentum they have gained. Overall, we know Oklahoma and Texas are already making the move. Adding two more historic programs to the SEC could change the college football landscape.

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