Browns vs Pats Recap

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The Cleveland Browns vs New England Patriots was a lopsided affair. For instance at one point during this game, the score was 3-3. From that very moment, the Patriots would then take the lead and not look back. All around defensively it seemed to be a lack of effort from players. This then leads to the point that this defense is not good right now. Special teams need major help and Kevin Stefanski was out-coached and outsmarted by the great Bill Belichick.

Browns Offense

The Cleveland Brown offense is a top-10 offense in the NFL. However, they came up against their match this past Sunday. This Patriots defense is well-coached and tough to go up against. This team flat-out dominated from the start. Running backs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt were limited. Jacoby Brissett had one of his worse games of the season. For example, he threw two interceptions during this game and often missed wide-open receivers down the field. The opposing defense was one step ahead all game long. We can credit Bill Belichick for that, having drafted Brissett in the third round back in 2016. Simply put this offense was beaten.

Browns Defense

The Cleveland Browns defense was very bad against the Patriots. From the start of the game, the Patriots attacked the defense and exposed their weakness. During this game, the weakness of the defense was in the passing game. Therefore, allowing Bailey Zappe to throw for 309 yards. He was 24/34 and averaged 9.1 yards a play. The Browns were better against the run this game. Only allowed 98 rushing yards and only gave up 3.8 yards a run play. But it was the lack of effort on defense that contributed to this loss. Right now this defense isn’t good and there are too many top draft picks on the defense to be this bad.

Special Teams

The special teams unit has been a thorn in the side of this team for years now. Lack of execution at critical points of the game has been constant. Sunday Cade York went 3 for 3 on field goals. He even had a pretty awesome onside kick but it was spoiled by yet another miscue. For example, the onside kick was executed almost to perfection until AJ Green touched the ball while he was out of bounds. You should know where you are on the field at all times. As well Ronnie Harrison Jr had the ball recovered anyway. That mistake stifled a run the Browns were in the midst of. Then following Chester Rogers dropped a punt inside the Browns twenty yard line. That then led to another Patriots touchdown.


The New England Patriots completely dominated the football game from start to finish. For instance, they outcoached and even outsmarted the ivy league led Browns. This is credited to Bill Belichick because he is the greatest coach of all time. They took away the run game from the Browns and then put their rookie quarterback in positions to succeed. Simply put the Patriots are the better team right now.


Right now the Browns are in the midst of a three-game losing streak. Everyone wants to panic right now because of what they believe the record should be. It is fair to say that this team isn’t good right now. For this reason, changes may very well need to be made to the coordinator positions. Joe Woods doesn’t seem to have the ear of the players anymore. As well Special teams coordinator Mike Prifer has not done a good coaching job to this point. Kevin Stefanski has done good coaching but needs to take charge of his coordinators before his job is lost because of them. Given that Stefanski should give up play-calling temporarily. This move would allow him to employ the CEO role and oversee to help with needed areas until the season’s end. A move like this could help put an emphasis on all aspects inside the locker room. There are no more excuses the season is slipping away.

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