Russell Wilson Drama: Explained

Russell Wilson
Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson (3) warms up prior to an NFL preseason football game against the Dallas Cowboys, Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022, in Denver. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Well, there really isn’t much hiding to be had by Russell Wilson and company in Denver this year. Frustratingly, six of their games are on primetime television this season too. The Broncos have not lived up to the hype they received this offseason. And their performances on primetime have made for some pretty ugly scores. However, the silver lining is that the memes the games have created have been amusing to peruse, to say the least. Here, we will explain the recent Russell Wilson drama. Below, we will begin with a segment from Richard Sherman‘s podcast. However, beware, as the audio is NSFW and expletives are used by Marshawn Lynch.

Russel Wilson Can’t Cook

As alluded to in the video up above, cracks in Wilson’s sparkling image are starting to appear. Wilson loves to paint himself as the poster child for the grind mentality, yet the fruits of his labor have yet to be harvested. Wilson wanted out of Seattle because he wanted to live up to the mantra of “Let Russ Cook”. Yet the only dishes he seems to be serving up appear to be hot bowls of cereal laced with laxatives, not gourmet cuisine. Despite starring in a new batch of Subway commercials, the slogan has yet to work its magic.

So, former teammates of his are opening up about his apparent alienation from teammates. This notion, combined with the awful play so far, have made for some intriguing drama in the Mile High City. Critics are starting to notice as well. Look below for Good Morning Football’s Kyle Brandt’s take on the situation:

Russell Wilson’s Drama Keeps Cooking

As Brandt pointed out, when you are making upwards of $200 million, then the world can come tumbling down faster than you would think. That level of money brings with it a high level of expectations. Tom Brady isn’t even making that much money. Nor Aaron Rodgers, as Brandt so adequately describes. While the uninitiated might not have known that Wilson’s “phony” attitude extends to press functions, his former teammates are here to tell us it bleeds into the locker room. Not even standout teammates like Richard Sherman nor Marshawn Lynch could get into contact with him directly during their time in Seattle. So, it’s hard to imagine who can currently reach him directly in Denver.

In summation, Wilson’s “phony” behavior and lackluster results from him, and by extension, the Denver Broncos, have brought scrutiny to the clean-cut image of Russell Wilson. The Bronco’s horrible outings on primetime television have also put their underwhelming antics under the microscope for the world to see. Each loss this season will only further compound upon itself, much to Wilson’s chagrin most likely. So, with two more games slated for primetime, the drama will most likely play out for our amusement. Let’s just hope it’s in dramatic fashion, or at least easier on the eyes in regard to the box score.

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