Browns vs Ravens Recap

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The Cleveland Browns lost to the Baltimore Ravens in a tightly contested game 20-23. This game was your typical AFC north-style football. Grind it out and run the ball with great defense. The ability to run the ball was available to both teams. Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt both had rushing touchdowns while Gus Edwards added two for the Ravens. A hard-fought battle the Browns came up just short in this game. Getting some unfavorable calls in their final drive to score points ultimately derailed their chances.

Browns Offense

The Browns offense did a much better job this week committing to the run. As a team, Cleveland ran for 113 yards combined. As well there was some success in the passing game for the Browns. Jacoby Brissett was able to throw for 258 yards while being 22-27. Not all was good. For instance, the offensive line struggled in this game. Giving up five sacks and at one point gave up back-to-back sacks. Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen had a monster game. Although in the end, the Browns offense had an opportunity to tie or win the game. After the defense forced a fumble Cleveland got the ball back and had a good drive going with a little more than two minutes left on the clock. The refs made some questionable calls. Offensive pass interference on Amari Cooper in which that play would have resulted in a touchdown. As well was a false start on a field goal attempt.

Browns Defense

This Cleveland Browns defense played better in the game against the Ravens. For instance, in the run game, they only allowed an average of 3.6 yards a rush. While also giving up 4.9 yards a pass. Lamar Jackson was 9-16 with only 120 yards while adding 59 rushing yards with a long of 11 yards. This Ravens offense did more to get the win and stay atop the AFC north. The Browns defense came up with a timely fumble to give the ball back to the offense. To no avail, the offense could not capitalize on this forced turnover. As well got three sacks on the elusive Lamar Jackson. Therefore, overall better performance from the defense but not enough for a win.

Special Teams

Special teams at this point of the season seem like a lost cause. They do not seem to get any better and continue to shuffle through punt returners. During this game against the Ravens things got complicated on the game-tying field goal attempt. Referees called a false start that pushed the attempt back. Which then got the field goal blocked.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens had a pretty solid game. In typical AFC north style, they beat the Browns. The Ravens forced turnovers and took advantage of those turnovers by scoring. Both sides of the ball were more physical than the Browns were. Which then allowed Patrick Queen to thrive. For the most part, the Ravens style of play had the Browns in a bind all game. When the game was on the line they benefited from calls after fumbling the ball. However, they held on to winning the game. This Ravens offense rushed for a total of 160 yards. This rushing attack was by a committee and the charge was led by Gus Edwards.


The Browns are currently in the midst of a four-game losing streak. For this reason, everyone and everything is to blame. At 2-5, the season could very well be over. Cleveland has continually put Brissett in positions he does not thrive in. The Ravens beat the Browns and are atop the division. The Browns should really consider the offensive play style the Ravens have. More focused on running with limited passing. Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt should combine for thirty or more carries a game. For this reason, in this game, Nick Chubb only had sixteen carries, when Chubb has less than twenty carries Cleveland is 0-5. When Chubb has twenty-plus carries the Browns are 2-0 this season. The Ravens are the class of the division. Above all the, Browns allowed bad calls to negatively influence their game. Is this season a lost cause?

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