Bucks loss and shooting near Milwaukee’s Deer District. 

Bucks lose and shooting at Milwaukee’s deer district. 

MARK KASS//Milwaukee Biz Journal

The Milwaukee Bucks suffered a blowing loss in game 6 to the Boston Celtics. Giannis Antetokounmpo led the Bucks in scoring with 44pts and 20reb. However, it was not enough to overtake Jayson Tatum’s electrifying 46pts performance and the Boston Celtics in a must-win game. Jayson Tatum and crew dominated the second quarter. The Celtics netted 25pts and held the Bucks to only 17pts in the second quarter. The Celtics’ second-quarter performance and Tatum’s dominance ultimately led to Boston pulling out the victory and hanging on to fight another game. 

The Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks will head back to Boston to face off in a win or go home Game 7 on Sunday, May 15th. This game should bring more excitement to this Eastern Conference rivalry and will surely be one for the history books. Fans back home in Milwaukee will tune in, but what is in question is will the Deer District be hosting another watch Party.

Aside from the game, Milwaukee took another loss as the Deer district watch party ended in a night of violence. Fans said there were threats by the Deer District host to end the live stream during the outdoor watch party due to a rowdy crowd. As the game progressed and fans’ emotions ran high, the raucous crowd became more intolerable. This carried not just at the Deer District watch party but also surrounding areas. This sadly ended in twenty people being shot near Milwaukee’s Deer District. Fans ran and scattered to find safety near the outside of the Fiserv Forum after the shooting. Deer District officials have not officially called off Sunday’s watch party; however, fans are up in arms about whether they will attend Sunday after tonight. Fans are also concerned about what safety measures the city should take to stop this from occurring again.

The Milwaukee Bucks have cancelled their Deer District watch party for Sunday. Also the Milwaukee Police Department have enforced a curfew between 11:00PM-5:00AM following the devastating mass shooting last night. More updates to come.

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