Tua reset the narrative about what he and the Miami Dolphins can be with a huge comeback win against the Baltimore Ravens
Tua Reset Expectations Of Him And Miami The arm strength is not at Justin Herbert‘s or Patrick Mahomes‘ level. Tua […]
The New England Patriots are in the win column for the first time in the 2022 season after a brutal […]
San Francisco 49ers
Breaking news: Trey Lance has been carted off the field in San Francisco today. This injury catapults Jimmy Garoppolo back […]
Miami Dolphins
The Miami Dolphins have elevated themselves to an undefeated record. Currently sitting pretty at 2-0 after a phenomenal comeback victory […]
Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets can make history for this week 2 matchup. Account on the side of the […]
The Steelers will face off against the Patriots on Sunday
The Pittsburgh Steelers are facing the New England Patriots on Sunday, September 18th. On the season the Steelers are 1-0, […]
Packers Look to Bounce Back vs Bears
The Packers will look to bounce back vs the Bears this Sunday as they’ll be hosting their division rival at […]
Justin Herbert
Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers fell in a close battle to the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday night. […]
Mac Jones
Mac Jones has missed his practice for the first time since joining the New England Patriots. The team announced today […]
Coach Jason Brown
With Scott Frost out of Nebraska, There are a lot of questions as to who should fill that role. A […]
Chargers Chiefs
Following week one, there have been a lot of overreactions. But on Thursday Night, one team will remain undefeated, and […]