Cincinnati Bearcats Show They Belong

Cincinnati Bearcats
Photo from AP News

The Cincinnati Bearcats have been surging in the college football world. They have been written off as just a another group 5 school. Now, it’s time to stop all of the negative talk and put some respect on their name. Cincinnati went into South Bend and beat Notre Dame in their house by a score of 24-13. Prior to this victory, they were 0-23 all time against top ten opponents.

Body Of Work

Give all the credit in the world to head coach Luke Fickell and his players. They bought in and created a unique culture of playing Cincinnati style football. They will make the leap to the Big 12 in the next few years and already look like they will be a power house. Taking down the juggernaut that is Notre Dame will only add to the resume. You can make the case that if they were in that conference right now, they would be a top team in the conference and a playoff contender. Desmond Ridder is also showing out and could be a first round draft pick. He played great, and that seam route throw to set up the final touchdown was an NFL caliber throw. It was a thing of beauty.

They Deserve A Playoff Spot

Obviously there is still a long way to go. However, the schedule is favorable. The remaining opponents are the following schools:






South Florida


East Carolina

The Bearcats can run the table and if they do, the committee simply cannot deny that they deserve a spot. Of course we all know the convoluted formula that a power five team with either zero or one loss are the only teams that can get one of four spots. Well guess what? We know Clemson isn’t going to be in. One more loss and Notre Dame is out. USC could give them a run and potentially beat them. Is Oklahoma playing like a playoff team right now? Nope. There is a pathway for Cincy to get in.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget however that a two loss Oklahoma team in 2020 apparently warranted the second team out spot when the final bracket was announced. Group five schools don’t even get a look for the playoffs. That needs to change and it starts with Cincinnati. It’s looking like the ACC may not have a representative in the playoffs. No disrespect to Wake Forest and Boston College, but even if they stay unbeaten I don’t think they are getting in.

Right now, we can assume that if Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio State remain perfect or only have one loss, they will be in again. Oklahoma cannot win forever with the fringe defense they have. If it comes down to an undefeated or one loss Cincinnati team, a one or two loss Notre Dame team, and a one or two loss Sooner team, the choice is obvious. The Bearcats seem destined to be the first school outside the power five to get the nod. If they don’t, it’s clear the system is even more broken, fixed, or corrupt than we all feared.

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    No, the bearcats do NOT have a schedual that stanfs up, not even close….. I question in many ways this ranking system..

    Big time rip off for alot of other worthy teams. Your fools.

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