Cleveland Browns Defense 2022

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A season ago the Cleveland Browns defense had a top 5 unit. As a result of them being so good it gave the team a fighting chance as a whole. It will be year 3 under defensive coordinator Joe Woods. As a result it will bring continuity for this unit. The Browns are also returning 9 of 11 starters from a season ago. Impactful players were re-signed and offered contract extension. Therefore they can pickup where they left off.

DE Tandem

Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney are the two main engines that get the whole operation moving. Overall the two led the defense with sacks, because of that they combined for 25 sacks. By comparison that is second in franchise history. Meanwhile the presence of Clowney helped Garrett allowing him to eclipse 16 sacks. Unquestionably Clowney benefits from being on the other side of Garrett as well. Lastly Clowney had 9 sacks and stayed played 15 of 17 games.

Scheme Freedom

Defensive Coordinator Joe Woods will have the players that he really wants going into his third season. In fact he will have the versatility with those players and their positions. In contrast to basketball how 1-5 can guard all positions from the defensive line to secondary can cover all over the field.Above all this unit has the ability to be top 3-5 in the league. Especially with the high powered offense the Browns will have this season.


Although the Cleveland Browns defense on paper looks very well stacked to compete and go far. There are still some holes that needed to filled.For the most part the defensive line was addressed through the draft and more depth has been added. In fact the drafting of Perrion Winfrey directly addresses the d-line need and help. Drafting Martin Emerson in the 3rd was a surprising move. With an already stacked secondary Emerson bring an added level of competition.

Free Agency

In addition to drafting and extending their own players free agency was a massive pipeline to inject talent. Therefore trading the New England Patriots for Chase Winovich added a much rotation. For instance he can play the role that Take McKinley played last season. Coming in to help spell Clowney and Garrett will keep the fresh come 4th quarters. Also bringing in Taven Bryan as a potential starter on the defensive line may boost this defense. The current plan for the defensive line is to throw multiple bodies out there in a rotation. Re-signing Anthony Walker and Ronnie Harrison will certainly put a emphasis on this defense being top 5 again.

Versatility/ Position Less Defense

Generally the Cleveland Browns like a certain type of player on the defense. There are about 3-4 players on the defensive line with similar height, shape and size. They all fall around 6’4 and 270 pounds. With the possibility of having all four of those similar sized players on the field at once would could be a new recipe to defend. Certainly this would have the makings of a possible nascar package. Also the linebackers all have the ability to cover like DB’s. Along with the corners and safeties this entire defense is setup to defend in this new NFL. In conclusion the NFL is a passing league and you have to be able to stop it. This defense is built to compete in this new NFL.

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