Interview with Competitive Eater Nick Whery

Nick Whery in this years Nathans Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest presented by Major League Eating


Nick Wehry isn’t your average athlete, he’s the world number four competitive eater, but his start in the sport was by accident. Competitive Eating is a sport where athletes compete to see which eater can eat the most food in a certain amount of time. The MLE (Major League Eating) is the governing body of the sport and is the official league of Competitive Eating. Nick is currently the world number 4 eater in the sport and is engaged to the world number three and world number one female eater Miki Sudo. But Nick’s start in the sport wasn’t by design but because of a mistake that ended up having him meet the love of his life and a job that he adores. 

Nick’s Introduction to Major League Eating

Nick started off as a bodybuilder and competed in bodybuilder contests across America before even being introduced to the sport and to Major League Eating (MLE). In our interview with Nick Whery he told us how he was a natural big eater and he would usually go to national fast food chain Wendys and eat almost half and sometimes the whole menu while he was there. Because of his big stomach and appetite his friends used to nag him about it. Nick’s friends told him that he should look into an eating contest just to see how he would do so Nick decided to give it a shot. Here’s where things got interesting. Nick told us that when he was signing the registration form he accidentally signed up for the Professional Category even though he never competed in an eating contest. Despite the accident it turned out to be a blessing as he competed outstanding for a first timer and instantly became one of the “top prospects” and was called “Major League Eating’s Fastest Rising Star” by Announcer George Shea. Nick decided to take competitive eating as his sport as he retired from bodybuilding and picked up Major League Eating and Competitive Eating as his new sport. 

Rookie Season in Major League Eating

Following his impressive performance in his debut event he decided to focus on Major League Eatings “Super Bowl” of events, the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, in hopes of making it to the big stage and making a bid at the “Mustard Belt” (the championship belt that is awarded to the winner of the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest) from current champion and world number one eater Joey Chestnut. Nick’s performance was quite impressive for a rookie competitive eater who had no prior training ending up in the top 10 for his first Nathan’s Famous Event, but he quickly realized that if he trained more and more he would be able to try and knock off the king of the sport Joey Chestnut

Hard Boiled Egg Eating Champion

Nick does not only do hot dogs, he does alot more foods. He holds the world record for hard boiled eggs eating 50 hard boiled eggs in three minutes and four seconds. If that was shocking to you, listen to these records. Nick ate 223 wings in 10 minutes at the Buffalo Bowl, an annual buffalo wing eating contest held in Buffalo, New York. In Trenton, New Jersey, Nick ate 41 Pork Roll (or Taylor Ham, for my north Jersey folks) in the Caseys Pork Roll Eating championship. Furthermore he ate 3 pounds and 4.6ozs of Halloween Candy, in the Major League Eatings and DraftKings Halloween Eating Championship in Las Vegas. Nick told us about how it’s like to be a competitive eater, mainly on how eaters can eat a whopping amount of food. He said that competitors don’t taste the food and it’s all about getting the most amount down in the least amount of time. 

Nathans Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

Nick looks to challenge world number one and 15 time Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champion Joey Chestnut in next years Nathans Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest and hopes to improve his previous showing where he ate 40 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes.

“My goal is to go in to win”

Nick Whery in interview with Emmitt Davis

Nick also looks to improve on his all time record of hot dogs and buns eaten in 10 minutes to higher numbers. Nicks current record is 44.5 Hot Dogs and Buns in 10 minutes. Furthermore Nick hopes to place in the top three for next year’s contest. Until then Whery will dedicate his time to training for the event as well as competing in other Major League Eating Events like the Great Midwest RibFest World Rib-Eating Championship coming up on the 30th of July and then the Casey’s Pork Roll Eating Championship in Trenton New Jersey in September of this year.  

Check out Nicks Stats and records:

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