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Deshaun Watson Reinstatement

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Deshaun Watson will be reinstated to the NFL after an eleven-game suspension. In addition, to his reinstatement, Watson will play in a regular season game for the first time in almost seven hundred days. Following his off-season trade, hold-out a season ago, and sexual misconduct allegations he will be cleared to play. He will be the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. With great expectations before the season, the Browns have fallen short. At 4-7, Watson’s reinstatement comes with a lot on and off the field. To make matters more interesting Watson’s first game back will be against his former team the Houston Texans.

Deshaun Watson vs Houston Texans

Watson will make his regular-season debut for the Cleveland Browns against his former team, the Houston Texans where the Browns will travel on Sunday. In the city where his civil cases have taken place. Not playing for almost two years the expectations should be that Watson’s play will be a bit rusty. However, playing in familiar territory for his first game back could be beneficial. It could very well benefit Watson that this has come full circle for him. The last time he started a game, it came inside NRG Arena and he will make his return there as well. Humans are creatures of habit and the familiarity of playing in Houston again can very well ease him back into a rhythm. Above all, this first game back will be in a hostile environment. This will be a test and the first of many hostile crowds.

What Deshaun Watson Brings To The Offense

The number one thing that Watson brings to the Browns’ offense is his athletic ability at the quarterback position. With a strong possibility of rust when things get murky and confusing he can lean on his ability to run with the football and make things happen. Watson also brings the ability to make plays off-script. His play style and mindset are that no play is dead. The next thing he will bring is that he opens up the offensive playbook. Opposing defenses can not just sell out to stop the Browns’ run game anymore. The reason is that Watson’s athleticism is now a major threat. Along with the threat of him running, Watson can make every throw needed to win in the NFL. Finally, Watson brings an elevation of play to the skilled positions. Watson has an uncanny ability to make everyone around him better. Defenses will now have to pick their poison against the offense.

Deshaun Watson Six Game Record

The Cleveland Browns are currently 4-7 with six games left in the season. This team has the skill and talent level to make a major run these last six games. In reality, this team will need about 10 wins to make the playoffs. There are several 7-4 and 6-5 teams in the AFC. So it will be a tall task for the Browns with seven losses. The most realistic shot at making the playoffs is winning the division. With a 2-1 divisional record it is still very real for them to win the division. Of the final six games, three are against divisional opponents. All final six games are winnable for the Browns. They must simply put it all together finally. One must remember that the construction of this team in the off-season was to be built to make a super bowl this season. However, there has been a long drift away, but this team can get hot and make some noise. The final record will be between 7-10 wins.


In this first game back the Browns should allow for rust during the first half of the game Sunday. The expectations need to be realistic over these final six games. Playoffs are not a given but also not out of the realm of possibility. Along with the rust this will be an adjustment period. There will not be a timetable for the adjustment period but know there will be some ups and downs. That does not necessarily mean wins and losses. Part of those adjustments is that at every away game the crowds will be hostile. Starting this Sunday in Houston. To make things even harder attorney Tony Buzbee said that he is going to the game with ten of Watson’s accusers on Sunday. Buzbee is getting a suit and he says that some accusers want to be there to prove they still matter. The teams’ mental focus must be on full display this Sunday. This trade for Watson was never about just this season but for years to come. With all of the hoops that have been jumped through there is finally a new era beginning for the Cleveland Browns.

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