Russell Wilson Drama Keeps Cooking

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Despite their best efforts, the Denver Broncos are continuing to spiral on a downward slope. Currently, they hold a 3-8 record and are once again, despite their best efforts, on a three-game losing streak. They are currently the last and certainly look like the least powerful team in the AFC West. Additionally, they are amongst the worst in the NFL with their current record. To add further insult to injury, their first-round pick next year is owned by the Seattle Seahawks(via the Wilson trade), and that pick is sitting at the fourth spot. Yikes. Recently, we have covered the drama in the Mile High City, but last Sunday, it got taken to another level. In other words, despite his best efforts, the Russell Wilson drama keeps cooking.

Russell Wilson Drama on Sunday

Yikes. As you can see, teammates of Wilson are letting their frustration show on the field. For all the world to see, mind you. As per the video, members of the defense are not afraid to voice their discontent with Denver’s sixth quarterback since Peyton Manning‘s retirement. So, it isn’t unusual for a Denver QB to be struggling in the Mile High City. But the problem is, Wilson is making upwards of $200 million and is expected to be the franchise’s savior.

For context, the Panthers team the Broncos faced this past weekend is a team that is just as bad, if not worse than they are. So, one can imagine how frustrating it is that the offense was unable to energize itself and only muster up ten points in the loss, 23-10, to be exact. Especially given the fact that they are paying the QB, the traditional leader of the team, to warrant more than 10 points. In fact, as of last week, if the Broncos had been able to score 18+ points in games this season, then they would have an 8-1 record. As opposed to the 3-8 one they currently possess.

In summation, it’s clear that the wheels are starting to come off the Broncos’ bandwagon. They did have a lot of hype coming into the season but have been crashing their way through their schedule. For an even more in-depth look at Russell Wilson’s alleged “phoniness”, then check our previous article on it. Suffice it to say, much to his chagrin, the Russell Wilson drama keeps cooking.

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