Four Potential Landing Spots for Pascal Siakam

Many superstars have been on the trading block this offseason. Whether they asked for a trade or not. One that didn’t is Pascal Siakam. Though, he’s still had his name thrown around in trade rumors.

Pascal Siakam
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With Fred VanVleet signing in Houston, could we see the Raptors blow it up entirely?

There’s a good possibility of that. The Raptors have listened to offers on Siakam for a while now. However, they haven’t pulled the plug and said yes to any of them. Now, it looks like that move is starting to backfire. They missed the playoffs last season and are now missing a star point guard. Though, it appears that they’re still going to try to be competitive with the additions of Dennis Schroeder and Jalen McDaniels. The only problem is neither of those two have the same scoring capacity that VanVleet does.

Trading Pascal Siakam would signal the shift toward a rebuild or retool, considering that the two-time All-NBA forward is their best player now. The problem that the Raptors may face in finding a trade partner, is that Siakam has made it clear he won’t re-sign with the team that trades for him.

If the Raptors want the big man off the books, their best scenario may be waiting til this next offseason when he’s a free agent.

Top Four Potential Destinations:


The Pacers may be ready for a playoff push after multiple years in the draft lottery. They weren’t far off from competing during the 2023 season. The forward positions were their biggest questions a season ago and they have already addressed it by signing Bruce Brown, trading for Obi Toppin and drafting Jarace Walker. If they could acquire Siakam, it would round out the lineup and help get Indiana back into the playoff fold.


It’s highly unlikely that Portland would trade anything of value for Siakam. It most certainly wouldn’t make sense for Toronto to ship him to Portland in exchange for Damian Lillard. Though, they could offer to be the third team in the Lillard sweepstakes which would net them Tyler Herro.


The Knicks need a replacement for Toppin and may be ready to cash in the assets they’ve assembled over the last few years. They could throw in a variety of picks along with a combination of players. The Knicks are only $4 Million under the Luxury Tax so they’d want to send out an equal amount.


The Clippers are looking at adding another star whether it be Siakam or James Harden. They would have enough players on their roster to match the salary of Siakam. The Clippers could also throw in a young player and some picks.

Of course, any trade that happens would have to match the salary.

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