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Geno Smith would like to finish his career in Seattle

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Joe Nicholson | USA TODAY Sports

Just hours after the Seahawks’ 41-23 loss to NFC West rival, the San Francisco 49ers. QB Geno Smith has announced where he would like to play not just for next season but for the rest of his career. Smith played brilliantly in the first half completing nine of his 10 passes, as well as connecting with D.K. Metcalf to put the Seattle Seahawks up by one-point heading into the locker rooms. The second half was not as great, as he committed two turnovers.

Smith was emotional afterward, his eyes watering up as he expressed his desire to remain with the Seahawks. Smith, whose one-year contract is set to expire in March, was asked what will be most important to him as he heads toward free agency.

“I want to finish my career in Seattle,” he said. “I want to be here. The town, the city, the team, Coach [Pete] Carroll, the organization — they all embraced me. I was a guy who probably could have been out of the league. They embraced me, and I want to repay them for that.”

There is uncertainty about how much the Seahawks will offer when the contract negotiations come. Geno Smith was asked to elaborate on how he wants to repay the Seahawks.

“Because like I said, Coach Carroll and the organization, they embraced me at a time when not many people were,” Smith said. “I feel like that means a lot to me. I’ve got a lot of loyalty in me, and I want to repay those guys for doing that.”

Asked if he expects to be back, Smith said, “I do.” When asked if the Seahawks have given him any indication that he’ll be re-signed, he said, “Those things will work themselves out. We’ll get to that when the time comes, but I feel really great about it.”

The Seahawks may have ended, and they may have lost to the 49ers for a third time this season. But the Seahawks had nothing to lose, as they had already outperformed their expectations. Geno Smith revived his career, Seattle has some good youth and potentially more on the way.

Is Smith the long-term answer? No, probably not at the age of 32. Though, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t help bridge the gap now while the Seahawks find their next franchise QB. Smith, 32, led the NFL in completion percentage (69.8%) during the regular season. The former West Virginia product also posted a 30-11 TD to INT-ratio along with 4,282 passing yards.

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