Jorge Masvidal Likes Idea Of Nick Diaz Fight

Jorge Masvidal
Sarah Stier/USA TODAY Sports

Jorge Masvidal expressed interest in a potential fight in an interview with Marc Raimondi. When asked about it, Jorge Masvidal responded “why not me and Nick? I’d love to fight Nick. It’s a classic fight”. Many months ago, Nick Diaz said in an interview that he wanted to fight Jorge Masvidal. He saw it as a fight to avenge his brother who had lost to Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244. That fight was stopped due to a cut on Nate Diaz. Masvidal said before the fight he wanted to “baptize” Nate Diaz in their fight. Something Nick Diaz took displeasure with. If there is one thing we know about the Diaz brothers, they go to bat for each other. We all saw what they did for teammate Jake Shields back in Strikeforce. Without hesitation might I add. So when it comes to one another, they will have each others backs.

How Likely Is This Fight?

As attractive as this fight is to fight fans around the world, how likely is it really? For once in these “what if” fights, it is actually quite possible. Nick Diaz’s return is coming up later this month against Robbie Lawler. He performs good in that fight, he automatically should be front of the line to welcome Masvidal back to the octagon. Masvidal is coming off of two straight losses, both to champion Kamaru Usman. Rankings wise, it does not make a ton of sense. But let’s be real, they haven’t had to for some time now. While it is always nice to have a number next to fighters names in big fights, it is not always necessary. However, if Nick Diaz can beat Robbie Lawler, a fight with Masvidal would be considered by many fight fans, in Masvidal’s words “super necessary”.

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