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Number 11 ranked Kentucky will be heading to Athens, Georgia to take on number one ranked Georgia. This game is the first time two undefeated SEC East teams have played each other. This game will be the deciding game for who will win the SEC East.

They both will go in undefeated, but one will come out with a loss. It could end one that teams hope for the College Football Playoffs. Georgia is looking to continue its dominant performance, while Kentucky is looking to show everyone that they are more than just a basketball school.

It will be this Saturday at 2:30 central on CBS.

How will Kentucky Win This Game?

Kentucky will have to play the best football that they have all season. They are a huge rushing team but will be tested with this game. Their offense averages 214.2 rushing yards a game and only 197.7 passing yards. Chris Rodriguez JR. will have to have the best game of the season and probably his career. Kentucky will also have to find a way to get consistent passing this game. Will Levis is having an average season and has only thrown for 1.134 yards and has 11 touchdowns and six interceptions. Their offense will have to pass more than they rush this game.

Their defense will have its hands full this game. Kentucky will be playing the best team they have played all year. They will need to hold Georgia’s offense to less the 30 points to be able to win this game. Their defense has been able to stop teams this season, and nothing will change if they have a good game plan.

How Will Georgia Win This Game?

The biggest question you have to ask yourself is, who is starting for Georgia’s offense this week? If it is J.T. Daniels, then I could see a little closer game because of his injury. If Stenton Bennett starts then, Georgia will win this game by more than three touchdowns. Bennett is playing good football so far, and they will need that against a hungry Kentucky team. Georgia will need a great offensive game to compliant their defense.

There is no question that Georgia has the best defense in college football. They average only 64.2 rushing yards a game and 137.0 passing yards. That is huge for Georgia because Kentucky is a huge rushing team, and stopping that will make this game another easy win. They have also only allowed three total touchdowns the whole season. Georgia’s defense is the real deal and will have another test this week against Kentucky.

Final Thoughts

Georgia’s defense will dominate this game like they have all season. Their ability to stop the run will cause Kentucky to falter. Georgia will have to score on offense this game because their defense may not be able to stop every run. Kentucky will need to continue with the game plan that they have had all year. They need to rush the ball so it will open the game up more.

My prediction: Georgia wins 35 to 14.

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