Kyler Murray Drama: Explained

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Things are heating up in the desert, and I’m not talking about the climate. The Arizona Cardinals have been no strangers to controversy this year, as they have fallen well short of their expectations this year. Initially, all eyes were on the “improved” defense needing to step up and hold their weight and catch up to the explosive Kyler Murray-led offense. However, as the year has progressed, it is the offense that has been struggling. And its leader, Kyler Murray, has been in hot water lately. Here, we will explain the Kyler Murray drama.

Murray Drama Heating Up

To catch one up to speed, drama has been cooking in the desert for a while now. Murray and the organization entered new ground when inking a new deal worth $230.5 million, including worth $230.5 million which includes $189 million in guaranteed money. Second only to Deshaun Watson‘s contract, in guaranteed money, that is. Additionally, this contract came under scrutiny by fans around the league when more details started to emerge. Particularly the fact that his contract originally stipulated a need for at least four hours of “independent study”. This led many, Murray included, to wonder what the organization thought of him and his work ethic. However, after Murray started receiving flak online, and by extension the Cardinals, it was later removed from the contract.

Currently, the Cardinals sit in third place within their division, the NFC West, and possess a dismal 4-8 record. Additionally, the prospects of finishing the year are slim, and the hopes of sneaking into the playoffs look even bleaker. For the record, at this point in time, they have yet to be officially eliminated from playoff contention. Needless to say, Murray has been at the center of criticism for their lackluster results on the field. So, let’s catch you up to speed with what’s happened lately.

Murray Drama Lately

Following their most recent loss, former Arizona Cardinal Patrick Peterson had some choice words for his former quarterback. Kyler immediately responded on Twitter to Peterson’s claims. However, the damage was already done concerning Murray’s public image. Ever since he disagreed with his contract, in particular the “independent study” clause, and the lackluster results on the field this season, Murray has found himself under increased scrutiny from the public. And Peterson’s comments only furthered the public’s belief that something isn’t right in Arizona with Murray at the helm. Or maybe, that he shouldn’t be making that much money at the moment, or perhaps at the minimum. Furthermore, star wide receiver Deandre Hopkins sent out cryptic tweets around the same time Peterson and Murray feuded online. This had many fans believing that Hopkins appeared to agree with Peterson’s claims.

Drama Conclusion

Suffice it to say, the desert is an unforgiving climate, and the NFL is an even more unforgiving business. The Arizona Cardinals have now been acquainted with its bleak unforgiveness if they weren’t initiated already. The drama for Murray, or because of Murray, has already caused rumors to circulate that their head coach, Kliff Kingsbury is on the hot seat. Considering the size of Murray’s contract, it would be too soon to dump the QB, even if the organization did want to move on. Each loss will only further compound upon itself for Murray, Kingsbury, and the Cardinals. If you are one for drama, then look no further than the Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray. But then again, there isn’t much more to look at in the desert.

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