Kyler Murray’s New Contract Includes Four Mandatory Study Hours

Kyler Murray has just recently signed a very lucrative deal after months of uncertainty surrounding his contract situation. You can read my breakdown of the contract here. The specification that Murray must study film for four hours a week was not included in that article. So, let’s dive into why the Cardinals included this unusual language in Kyler Murray’s contract.

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Before The Contract Was Signed

In a conversation last December with Sarah Kezele of 98.7 Arizona Sports, Kyler Murray stated “I think I was blessed with the cognitive skills to just go out there and just see it before it happens”. “I’m not one of those guys that’s going to sit there and kill myself watching film. I don’t sit there for 24 hours and break down this team and that team, and watch every game because, in my head, I see so much” he followed.

This is a huge indication that Murray is not a film junkie. Actually, it is him admitting it. Murray has been successful at all levels of his playing career, and it isn’t too crazy to think about his lack of studying. Kyler succeeds on the ground. He has frequently made defenders look silly using his athleticism. Unlike Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, etc., Kyler can peel out of the pocket if a play goes wrong. Pocket-heavy quarterbacks have to study what to do when their first few reads are covered. Kyler has the option to just scramble. This may play a hand in why Kyler isn’t necessarily studious.

It isn’t an excuse; you need to study film to be successful in the NFL. And it isn’t the sole reason for the inclusion of the independent study clause. Murray enjoys himself when he isn’t on the field, as he is most notably a member of the gaming organization “FaZe”.

Kyler’s Rebuttal To The Mandatory Study Hours

After taking heat from the media, Kyler Murray responded.

After calling this situation disrespectful and a joke, Kyler stood firm on his stance on the situation. This was the perfect way to respond to the situation at hand. He did contradict himself a bit in this conference after stating that he doesn’t sit there, and study loads of film just late last year. This however was the correct response to start putting the fires out. This situation has probably been blown out of proportion because he is right. There is not a single quarterback in the league that can jump straight into the NFL, have success, and not have even a bit of a work ethic.

Moving Forward

Kyler signed the deal, so he knew what he was in for. This will probably be the last time a team attempts to include this type of language into a contract, as this has been a crapshoot. Kyler has been getting shots taken at him calling him lazy and unfocused. And the Cardinals organization has been getting questioned after giving an insane amount of money to someone they aren’t sure they even trust. All in all, this entire situation is baffling. It was the last thing I was expecting just a week after the ink went dry.

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