Lacey Evans Returns to WWE Smackdown!

Lacey Evans Returns to Smackdown! Photo Credit:

Lacey Evans Returns to WWE Smackdown!

Lacey Evans Returns to WWE Smackdown last night. Despite her lack of title history in WWE, Lacey Evans was consistently a star in the WWE women’s division. Her run was cut short due to pregnancy and the birth of her second daughter in October. She wasn’t the only wrestler to miss time due to pregnancy. Becky Lynch missed over a year due to her own pregnancy. This is a refreshing change from WWE policy a few decades ago where pregnancy could signal the end of a career.

She had left for pregnancy, as the Sassy Southern Belle, a heel gimmick. Her last major program before leaving with a rather uncomfortable angle where her character was in a romantic relationship with Ric Flair. It was further implied that Ric Flair was the father of her child. Fortunately, her actual pregnancy cut short the angle, and Flair’s own departure from the company ensures we don’t have to revisit that.

Now she returns in a promo, talking about who she is. What growing up was like, what it means for her, and how it motivates her. It can be safely assumed that her heel character is largely in the past now and that she is instead firmly a face wrestler. There is no word on exactly when she’ll wrestle her first match.

This writer hopes that her return will lead her to championship gold. I believe that she is well overdue for a major victory and currently at least, she is a missed opportunity. Some of the hatred she gained from fans, is in this writer’s opinion, due to her ability as a heel more than anything else. The classy, Sassy Southern Belle. It was such a brilliant gimmick. I’d hate to see a wrestler of her talent, never win the big one in WWE.

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