Luis Arráez Could Hit .400 in the 2023 Season

Luis Arráez
Mandatory Credit: Kyle Ross/ USA-TODAY Sports

Batting .400 in a single season is a feat that we haven’t seen since Ted Williams in 1941. It has always seemed to be one of those milestones that will never be reached again in our lifetimes. But there is one player who is currently batting .401 as of today and could potentially come very close to matching Teddy Ballgame’s record. That player is Luis Arráez.

Luis Arráez was the batting champion in 2022 for the Minnesota Twins. After being traded to Miami in exchange for Pablo Lopez, it seemed Miami won the trade by far. Already this season, Arráez leads the league in hits (85), OBP (.451) and OPS+ (161). And of course, batting average with a whopping .401 into June.

The new rules in the MLB that bans the shift was suspected to raise batting average across the whole league. It’s hard to think that anyone was expecting this much for any player.

Luis Arráez is in Good Company Right Now

The next closest season to Ted Williams’ .400 season was hall-of-famer Tony Gwynn in 1994 where he batted .394 on the season. Sustaining this kind of production at the plate would be incredible, but it could be expected to drop in the coming months. It is a batting average after all. In order to remain at .400 and above Arráez has to hit above .400 at the dish over the next four months.

On top of the insane batting average, Luis Arráez is limiting the strikeouts like no one else in baseball. In 2023, Arráez has struck out only 11 times. Yes, 11 times all season. He is in the 100th percentile in strikeout percentage and also in whiff percentage. The man just doesn’t swing and miss at anything.

Luis Arráez is putting together a season that hasn’t been seen in 30 years. While it’s mostly all contact and no power, the consistency of getting on base is almost absurd. There’s still four months left in the season to maintain it, but Arráez is showing no signs of slowing down.

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