Malcolm Stewart To Join Rockstar Husqvarna

malcolm stewart
Photo by: Jack Gaffney

The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna racing team has announced that Malcolm Stewart will be joining the team. This deal is for the 2022 and 2023 supercross seasons. This move comes after his personal best supercross season finishing seventh in points. He was able to place in the top 10 in fifteen races last season. By far his most solid season to date. With such good results this move may come as a shock to many as many thought an extension with Star Yamaha was inevitable. However, it is called “silly season” for a reason. A lot of moves all over the place. And something tells me that this years edition is far from over.

What Next For Rockstar Husqvarna?

With this addition of Malcolm Stewart to the team, that now give them four 450 riders for supercross. They will have 2018 supercross champion Jason Anderson. 2020 Motorosss champion and 2-time 250 supercross champion, Zach Osborne. Former 250 motocross champion Dean Wilson. And now former 250 supercross champion, Malcolm Stewart. However, there is a lot time between now and January 8th, Anaheim 1, the first race of the season. It is very likely that one of these riders will be on the move before then. Therefore that begs the question, who leaves and where do they go? The most common rumor is Jason Anderson to Kawasaki. Anderson has had quite the rough go of it since his championship win in 2018. Just so happens that there is a bike open for him at Kawasaki after they announced the departure of Eli Tomac.

Dean Wilson is another rider that may be on the way out of the Rockstar Husqvarna trailer. While a fan favorite, Wilson has unfortunately been plagued with injuries for quite some time now. Unfortunate considering some of the seasons he was on track to have before some of those injuries. If they decide to only go with 3 450 riders, and things can be worked out with Jason Anderson, Rockstar may have no choice but to let Wilson go.

Good Move For Malcolm Stewart

All other silly season talk aside, this is a great move for Malcolm Stewart. He looked solid on that Yamaha last season, and many think that the FC 450 Rockstar Edition that he will be riding this year, he will be able to replicate his performances from last season. One thing we all know for sure, Stewart is lightning fast in the whoops. He is just missing that little bit of speed in other areas that keeps him from competing for podiums each weekend. Maybe with this move, we can all see that piece he has been missing to finally be in the mix for a 450 title.

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