PAC Wins All Atlantic Championship!

Pac Wins All Atlantic Championship Photo Credit: AEW

PAC Wins All Atlantic Championship at Forbidden Door! Pac is the first champion of a new title that was created by AEW. He faced Clark Connors of New Japan, Miro, and Malakai Black.

PAC, formally known as Adrian Neville in WWE, joined AEW in 2019. Since joining AEW, he had been in many different title matches but had failed to win any. This writer felt that PAC had gotten lost in the shuffle.

To make matters worse, when COVID hit PAC had travel difficulties. It became very complicated to book him in anything due to COVID. From May to November, he didn’t make a single appearance in AEW. He lost a lot of momentum when he did come back. Miro was relegated to the mid-card. Forming one of the multitudes of teams in AEW, Death Triangle. However, with a new title on the horizon, PAC finally had something going for him. Miro was put into the title scene again.

Another guy who could have been good to have won the title was Miro. He was known as “God’s Great Champion” when he was the TNT Champion last year. Not long after losing his title to Sammy Guevara, Miro was sidelined with a hamstring injury. I had hopes that he’d win the title here, but he did not. However, he looked amazing in the ring. I have no doubts he’ll have a title soon.

However, at Forbidden Door, he finally had an accomplishment to hold to his name. The first All Atlantic Champion. This is the biggest moment of his AEW career by far. The question now is, where does Pac and the All Atlantic Championship go from here? Will Pac get the big spots, or will he be forgotten about along with the title? Only time will tell.

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