Penn State vs Purdue


Penn State vs Purdue
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Game Overview

Penn State vs Purdue was a battle that took place in West Lafayette this past Thursday. In the end, Penn state would end up winning 35-31, but there was a lot more action to this game than just what the score says.

Both teams looked to open up the season on Thursday with a win. In addition to this, this was the first blackout game Purdue has had since they beat Ohio State, so the atmosphere was set.

The game started out as it should, with two of the best commentators setting the scene.

Oh, was it a thriller. The opening saw Purdue take an early 3-0 lead before Penn State would make it 7-3. Purdue would score next to make it 10-7. The action died for a bit, and with the two minute drill going, Purdue was looking to score. However, they would fumble on this drive, then give up 2 scores to Penn State in the two minute drill to make it 21-10 at half.

Penn State went quiet in the third, while Purdue scored twice to make it a 24-21 game going into the fourth. During this time as well, Clifford went to the lockerroom to get his leg looked at, and would later return.

In the 4th quarter, Penn state would draw first blood making it a 28-24 game. Purdue would be forced to punt next possession. Still, when Penn State was looking to take all of the momentum, they got hit with a huge blow…..

It would then become a defensive battle until Clifford threw for a touchdown late. There was 57 seconds left and this would be the last score of the game.

Takeaways from Penn State vs Purdue

Penn State

Penn State’s Sean Clifford had himself a decent game, going 20-37 for 282 YDS, 4 TD, 1 INT. Equally, when he had a clean pocket, which was most of the night, he was slicing and dicing moving down the field. The issue for Penn State’s offense will be its run game. While all their backs who got carries did alright, no one really showed out. If they can get more out of the run game and stay this consistent in the pass game, the offense could be scary for some opponents to go against.

Defensively, they lost Abdul Carter to an interesting targeting call early on. Besides that, the defense was good enough to win them the game. That turnover in the two minute drill was brutal for Purdue. The next step for this defense would be to force some more field goals. Also during the game, they did decent at limiting Purdue’s points, but they will need to do better to be able to hang with some of the other Big Ten teams.


When it came to the offense, Purdue’s O had a decent showing this game, but they seemed to leave too much meat on the bone. O’Connell and Charlie Jones went crazy in the passing game. The QB had a line of 29-58 with 356 YDS, 1 TD. Charlie Jones had 12 REC for 153 YDS, 1 TD. These two look to be a good QB-WR combo for the year to come.

A surprise on offense for Purdue came in the form of King Doerue. He played himself a pretty good game, going for 15 CAR for 57 YDS, 2 TD. In addition to this, Doerue and Jones look to be a two headed monster in the playmaking position. With this in mind, it will be interesting to see how they do as the season goes.

Defensively, Purdue just could not get enough stops. Although they did play pretty well for the most part, they really just needed an extra stop or two. The Defensive line looks to be good in the run game, but might need to build some more on the pass game to help out the back end. They had some good rushes, but need more of them

As for the back end, It seems that they are alright, but it is much more a group than an individual. Above all, this defense has a chance to really be something since they have some guys who can be really good. They just need to find a way to make a few extra stops here and there.

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