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Big Spending Reported For The Red Sox

This offseason is crucial for the Red Sox. The front office is faced with a tough challenge of improving on the last place team while also keeping some key players. There has been a concern with the lack of urgency from Red Sox ownership. However, there is a feeling that the Sox are looking to be serious contenders in 2023 and will spend big money this winter. 

According to The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, the Red Sox “are among those indicating a strong willingness to spend.” This is big news. The Red Sox ownership has been very hesitant to spend large amounts of money in recent years. This is for several reasons. The main one being the luxury tax. The Red Sox have failed to get under the luxury tax for the past few years. With this place being a last place season and still being over the luxury tax, there were no excuses. But with over $80 million coming off the books this offseason, this is the Red Sox’s opportunity to spend and make it right. 

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The Red Sox have reached out to Nathan Eovaldi with an offer of a multi-year contract. It’s reported from Rob Bradford of WEEI that this contract will be for 2-3 years. After making a career high of 32 starts in 2021 and finishing in fourth place in Cy Young voting, Eovaldi didn’t bring the same consistency in 2022. This was to be expected, however, with consistency being the main concern with Eovaldi along with injuries. But the rotation in 2023 looks uncertain so far, so keeping a veteran arm like Nathan Eovaldi could benefit the Red Sox. 

Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers Seem To Be The Priority.

Bringing back Xander Bogaerts is the main priority for the Red Sox. The Philadelphia Phillies have already reportedly shown interest in the 30 year old shortstop. Phillies GM, Dave Dombrowski, has a history with Bogaerts, signing him to a 6 year $120 million extension with Boston in 2019. This adds a lot of urgency for Boston to get their guy. Xander should be the cornerstone player for the Red Sox for the coming years, and letting him walk to his former GM would be the worst case scenario. Bogaerts is projected to get 6 years for $186 million. This is a large price tag for a shortstop, but if the Red Sox are really looking to spend, this is the guy to spend it on. 

Rafael Devers is set to become a free agent after 2023. Devers is another one of the key players that the Sox are looking to lock up with an extension this winter. Devers is projected to receive a contract north of $300 million over 10 years. The 26 year old third baseman is another player that the Red Sox see as a future cornerstone player. It is rumored that Devers could be waiting to see what happens with Bogaerts before he agrees to a contract extension. 

Chaim Bloom Has Something To Prove

While still being important, these pieces were all part of the last place team. There is still an urgency to sign other big name free agents to help improve on this struggling team. Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer, Chaim Bloom, has yet to sign a big, lucrative contract. It will be very interesting to see how he goes about signing a player to a large contract since he hasn’t done it before. After a last place season, many were speculating the future of Bloom’s position in the front office. However, it seems that Chaim has something to prove. Ownership seems to be on board with the idea, which is most important. With other teams already starting to make moves, the Red Sox are due to make some waves.

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