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Cleveland Browns
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The state of the Cleveland Browns’ offense is that it has been a top-ten offense after twelve games into the season. This offensive unit averages 24.2 points a game. So, therefore, on the surface, one could think about what is there to really question the offense. However, this unit is good but there are things that need to be adjusted. Along with inserting a new quarterback into this system, there could be some concerns for the offense as a whole.

Deshaun Watson’s Debut

This past Sunday in a game against the Houston Texans new Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson made his debut. He was rusty during his first in-game action after not seeing the field for seven hundred days. In that game, Watson missed throws low to his receivers they were open. It seemed that the speed of the game was a lot for him. Some may question if Watson can still be his old self, especially after his first game-back performance. Above all, he looked like a player that was trying to adjust to a new system. The film shows he made the right reads and just needs more time. Once Watson gets adjusted to the system, this offense will have the potential to be very explosive. Some adjustments will be needed in order for the explosiveness to happen.

Cleveland Browns Run Game

The Cleveland Browns’ run game has been the identity of this team for the last three years. Ever since Kevin Stefanski became head coach the main focus of his offense is running the ball effectively. This team has a top-five rushing attack in the NFL that averages 4.8 yards a rush. The run game is the engine that powers this entire offense and team. This rushing attack is led by Nick Chubb who has 1,114 yards after 12 games. Adding the wrinkle of Watson being able to run with the football from the quarterback position. That feature can potentially open up things for the offense. Until a week 13 win against the Texans the Cleveland Browns were 4-0 when Chubb had twenty rushing attempts. The run game will continue to lead this offense until Watson is fully ready. However, we cannot dismiss Watson’s running ability paired with Chubb and Kareem Hunt.

Cleveland Browns Offensive Line

The Cleveland Browns’ offensive line during the pre-season was considered to be top three in the NFL. In light of original starting center Nick Harris tearing his ACL during the pre-season. The offensive line still faired well after that devastating injury. When backup center Ethan Pocic stepped in the transition was seamless however, then Pocic got injured and the offensive line has struggled since. Right tackle Jack Conklin has struggled the last few games and has missed multiple games due to injury. He may not return next season. Starting left tackle Jedrick Wills has had an up-and-down season. Wills motor has been brought into question this year. He tends to give up in the middle of plays and looks confused at times. The offensive line will be the guide for this team.

Cleveland Browns Passing Game

The Cleveland Browns’ passing game has been middle of the road so far into the season. While Jacoby Brissett was the starter the passing game was a threat in certain situations. Once it was paired with the running game more of the offense was able to open up for this team. With Watson finally inserted as the starting quarterback the passing is now a work in progress. Once he gets his feet under him this passing attack will explode. Getting timing routes down packed will also help this offense flourish. With Watson running the offense there will be more RPOs utilized. Understanding how the receivers see the game will be crucial. This Sunday there will be progress made against Cincinnati.


So far into the season, the Cleveland Browns’ offense has been top-five. This trend of good offensive play should continue in the final five games. The most important part of the offense is the offensive line. This group needs to play better together and help with the maturation process of Watson in this offense. This team needs to give Watson time to fully grow with the passing game. The run game continues to be top-notch and with new wrinkles added to the run game those components will help the offense overall. Once this offense can fully mesh they will become a very explosive unit.

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