Three Summerslam celebrity appearances of varying possibilities

Nothing has been confirmed for WWE’s Summerslam match card as of now. Money in the Bank was a week ago and feuds are starting to take shape. It has been strongly implied, though, there will be at least one Summerslam celebrity match.

Logan Paul, a likely candidate for a Summerslam celebrity match, lands a splash on eventual Money In The Bank-winner Damian Priest during the Men's Money in the Bank Match.

Logan Paul and Ricochet have been planting the seeds for a match since the Royal Rumble and look to have a great high-flying match in Detroit in a month’s time. What other Summerslam celebrity appearances could happen in WWE’s return to Ford Field?

Definite: Logan Paul

Logan Paul vs. Ricochet is all but official for the Summerslam card. As previously mentioned, the backstory is there and it has since picked up. This will be the first time he has wrestled back-to-back Premium Live Events (PLEs) in his career. It would be better not to speculate on if this happens, but rather what the match may be.

Does Logan Paul vs. Ricochet need an added stipulation? Ultimately, no. Both Ricochet and Paul are high-flyers, they will complement each other well in the ring. Turning the match into something like an Extreme Rules match would add an unnecessary extra ingredient. Neither Paul nor Ricochet specialize in that kind of match, nor has their feud gotten to the point it would justify the stipulation.

These two will likely work a regular match just like Logan Paul and Seth Rollins did at this year’s WrestleMania. Will KSI make another appearance like he did at WrestleMania and Money in the Bank? So far, he has been Logan Paul’s bad luck charm as Paul is winless in competition KSI is ringside for.

Possible: Pat McAfee

For someone who absorbs the spotlight like a sponge, Pat McAfee has masked both his surprise returns very well. McAfee arguably resurrected celebrity wrestling single-handedly when he took on Adam Cole in NXT. He would fit right in for a Summerslam celebrity match.

Detroit is not far from Indianapolis, so travel would not be an issue. He has wrestled at two consecutive WrestleManias and defeated Baron Corbin at Summerslam a year ago. The possibility of McAfee appearing at Summerslam is very real. The question is what capacity he shows up in.

Will he return solely to the commentary desk or will he have a match? The likelier outcome is he shows up to join Michael Cole at the commentary table. There are not a lot of potential matches for McAfee to have without other storylines being interrupted.

That said, there may be another case of Chekhov’s Pat McAfee Show segment. Michael Cole appeared on Pat’s show to talk about Dominik Mysterio’s transformation into a heat magnet. McAfee called Dominik a “terrible, terrible human.” Previously, McAfee has used his show to advance numerous storylines such as his feud with Adam Cole, his two WrestleMania matches, and Seth Rollins’ feud with Logan Paul. Will that clip be brought up again or will it end up an isolated incident?

Unlikely: Bad Bunny

After appearing at both WrestleMania and Backlash, Bad Bunny has become a recurring character in WWE. He has had four official matches, three of them over two WrestleManias and a Royal Rumble.

Never say never, but Bad Bunny will likely not have a full match at Summerslam. He can easily appear in a cameo capacity, one way or another. He can join the Spanish announce team as he did for WrestleMania. Also like at WrestleMania, he could meddle with Damian Priest’s attempt to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Aside from that, Bad Bunny does not figure to be a part of Summerslam for now.

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