Take Foul Rule: Changing the NBA

(AP Photo/Karen Pulfer Focht)

The NBA implemented a new rule in the 2022-23 season. They have eliminated the take foul. The take foul is an intentional foul that happens when the opposing team is going to get out in transition to score. Take fouls exist because they allow the defense to get back and set up. The rule change penalizes players who intentionally foul after their team misses. The team that gets fouled shoots one free throw and retains possession.

Games Are Faster

One of the issues that had become clear was that the game had become much slower. Take fouls were causing extra and unnecessary stoppages. After the take foul, the clock has would stop and the ball has to be inbounded. This also means the offense will run a half-court set which takes much longer than a play in transition or the fast break. With NBA implementing coach’s challenges, the slowdown of the take foul paired with more reviews, dragged games out. There are years of highlights that the NBA has missed out on. Alley oops, chasedown blocks, fancy passes, and other exciting plays are things fans and players have missed out on. The fastbreak has the most potential for a fun play in basketball, and the elimination of the take foul has allowed more fastbreaks to happen.

Teams Have To Get Back On Defense

Some NBA players have a tendency to complain after they believe the defense are committing fouls. The take foul bailed them out multiple times a game because a teammate would see them complaining and commit a foul to get rid of the offense’s advantage. This allows the defense to be able to set up in the half-court where they have a much better chance of success. Players are able to get around the take foul, the foul just can’t look intentional. As long as the player is going for the ball, they should not call the take foul.

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