The Olympic Committee Needs to Stop the Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympics
Auburn gymnastics signee Sunisa Lee, far left, arrives with the rest of the U.S. women’s gymnastics team including MyKayla Skinner, left, Simone Biles, center, and Jordan Chiles, center right, at the Narita International Airport on Thursday East of Tokyo. Kiichiro Sato, The Associated Press

We have been waiting a long time for the Tokyo Olympics. I was just as excited as all of you for the games go come back. But, it’s become evident that the games should not go on. However, the Olympic committee doesn’t care about athlete safety, and that is on full display if there were any doubts left. 

What’s Going On?

Well, how much time you got? First, Bradley Beal had to withdraw due to COVID. And now, Zach Lavine is not with team USA due to COVID protocol. Are you seeing a pattern here? Katie Lou Samuelson was on the 3 on 3 basketball team. Why isn’t she now? You guessed it, COVID.

Next in the brigade of bad news, Coco Gauff now has COVID. But it isn’t just the main competitors. Kara Eaker, who was an alternate for USA gymnastics is also done because of COVID. Furthermore, the games haven’t even officially started yet and there’s already positive tests in the Olympic Village. It’s not just the US, a Czech volleyball player is COVID positive too. Unfortunately, there will most likely be more to come. 

Protests and More

The people of Japan are speaking up. They are protesting the fact that the games have not been canceled. Some athletes are questioning if it’s even worth going. For example, Australian Basketball center Liz Cambage has withdrawn from the team over mental health concerns over being in a Olympic bubble. Cambage has a history of struggling with anxiety and depression. She cited that being in a bubble without friends, family, or support system is not something she wants to go through with. Also, Cambage was in an altercation during a practice which lead to her stepping away from the team and saying she was not mentally fit to play. These are clear cut messages to the Olympic Committee that the Tokyo Olympics must be halted. Clearly, the fear factor is real. 

Again, the Olympic Committee doesn’t care about health and wellness of those competing. They don’t care that these athletes are sons, daughters, or parents themselves. All they care about is the money. Clearly the committee are as corrupt as they come. If the games don’t happen, they don’t get paid. Of course, they can’t have that. 

Final Thoughts 

Finally, some athletes are not vaccinated. USA swimmer Michael Andrew has refused to take the shot. What if a medal favorite gets COVID? For example, Simone Biles or Kevin Durant could get sick just as fast as the others did. What happens then? As of right now, the only way the Tokyo Olympics will be stopped is if someone dies. By then, it will be too late. 

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