Top 3 Games to Watch For NFL Week 9

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We are at the midway point of the NFL season. There are a handful of top dogs, like the Bills and the Eagles, then there are a lot of teams who are right there for a playoff spot. With the trade deadline now passed, this week looks to have some exciting new faces in some new places. NFL Week 9 has some interesting matchups, as there are six teams on a bye.

Honorable Mention

The honorable mention for the NFL week 9 will be Eagles at the Texans. While this should be a beatdown, the Eagles are still undefeated. So due to the undefeated watch, this game will take the spot.

3. Dolphins @ Bears

This game could have some fun things about it. With the Bears recently bringing over Chase Claypool, Justin Fields now has a big body to throw to. Now with a trio of Cole Kmet, Darnell Mooney, and Chase Claypool, the Bears actually have something there. It will be interesting to see what Claypool can do to help this Bears offense.

For the Dolphins, they continue to be a fun watch with Tua Tagovailoa at the helm. They also brought in some new pieces, with Bradley Chubb and Jeff Wilson joining the team. If the core pieces of the offensive skill positions can stay healthy for the Dolphins, this team could average 30 plus points a game with their speed. This game will be fun to see if the Dolphins can stay undefeated with Tua starting, and to see how the new players play for their new teams.

2. Cardinals @ Seahawks

Last time these two played, there was no DeAndre Hopkins and the Seahawks were just starting their run. Now coming into the second matchup, the Cardinals get their guy back and the Seahawks lead the division looking really good. This is a must win game for the Cardinals. If the Cardinals want any hope at the division, they have to win this game at home. For the Seahawks, this is a game for them where they can just add onto their division lead. This team seems to be gelling well together, and continue to play well with Geno Smith leading them. With all of the issues the Cardinals have been having as well, a loss here could put into question how much longer Kliff Kingsbury could be there.

1. Chargers @ Falcons

While this game by no means seems like a headliner for the NFL week 9 slate, this game could be a fun shootout. Keenan Allen is rumored to potentially be back for the Chargers after basically missing all but four quarters total this whole year. Along with him, Josh Palmer looks to be coming back off his concussion. With how poor the Broncos and Raiders have been playing, the Chargers find themselves at second in the division. If they want any hope of catching the Chiefs, they have to win this game Sunday.

As for the Falcons, no one really saw them having any chance of winning this division at the beginning of the season. A big win last Sunday now has them in first place in their division. The rumor for this team is that they should be getting Cordarrelle Patterson for this game. A win against the Chargers could go a long way for the Falcons. Any win the Falcons can get is huge, as each one puts them in a better chance to actually win the division with the rest of it looking lost right now. This game should hopefully be a fun high scoring affair Sunday.

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