Training Camp
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Training Camp for the Cleveland Browns will begin on Wednesday July 27th. By week’s end, all 32 NFL teams will have reported for training camp. This season heading into camp there is excitement about the team’s potential. However, there are still quite a few question marks that will be answered sooner rather than later.

Coaching (Kevin Stefanski)

With the potential of a suspension for Deshaun Watson, one central question is how the offense will look without their new franchise quarterback. That brings Kevin Stefanski into the fold. Specifically, it brings into question his play-calling style and how his offense will look for however many weeks. How ill they split the reps between Jacoby Brissett and Watson. Above all will the offense have continuity. Albeit the Browns remade their quarterback room for the reason of not having to change up play-calling too much from each quarterback on the roster. In general, can Stefanski lead the offense to where it needs to be? The Cleveland Brown’s offense must show improvement this season to go where they’d like to go.

Coaching (Joe Woods)

The Cleveland Browns was a top 5 unit last season in the NFL. In order to be successful this season, this defensive unit must return to form if not even better. This season is different because they are returning 9 of 11 starters from a season ago. In other words, this unit should not have to spend much time learning the playbook book but adding new wrinkles to it for the benefit of all. For D. coordinator Joe Woods has all the tools that he could want or need on defense. In summary, can he bring it all together and use training camp to do so. Could there be a potential return at Defensive tackle for the Browns?

Wide Reciever Room

What a difference a year makes. This time last season the strength of the Cleveland Browns was the wide receiver room. This year the wideout room is more of question mark. With Amari Cooper at number 1 wideout and DPJ at number 2, the room is relatively thin. 3rd round pick David Bell recently suffered an foot injury and the questions begin to pile up. Who will step up and should they add another veteran? Will Fuller would be a perfect candidate to sign, however the Browns believe that once Watson is available to play his play will elevate the younger receivers. Simarily, the belief is that the tightends, and running backs can help in the passing game as well.

Defensive Tackle Room Position Battle

In addition to the question marks of the wide receiver room, the same stands for the defensive tackle room. However there are some players to get excited about at this position, albeit unproven. Sheldon Day is the most experienced veteran in the room. During this upcoming season the Browns seem to be focused on the growth of the younger guys. Jordan Elliot and Tommy Togiai undoubtedly have talent but need to show case it on the field. The next question will they rotate players here or look for two solid starters for the duration of the season. Supringsly there could be a reunion for the Browns at the defensive tackle position. That return could be Sheldon Richardson with mutual interest on both sides.

Deshaun Watson Potential Suspension

A day before training camp there is no word on what if any discipline will take place. Specifically on each fans mind is when will it happen? Will this take place before training camp or the start of the season. If it is a suspension how many games will it be? In conclusion what will be the reasoning for any suspension or discipline.

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