What The Two Recent Rams Paydays Mean For Their Future

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There have been two huge Rams paydays as of late. Both Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp have come to terms on a new contract. Aaron Donald is a 3x Defensive Player of the Year and has been selected to the Pro-Bowl in all eight seasons he has played in. Cooper Kupp won the triple crown in 2021 and was the Offensive Player of the Year. He was also the MVP of Super Bowl 56. In this article I will be covering both of their contracts, as well as what the renegotiations mean for the Rams moving forward.

Aaron Donald Signs Deal That Totals $95M Through 2024

The Rams continue their salary cap gymnastics in the first of the Rams paydays. The first of the new deals is worth $95M and adds no new years to Donald’s prior deal. Aaron Donald is signed through 2024 with two voidable years on the back end. I’m no salary cap expert, but these voidable years enable teams to manipulate the cap. It lowers the cap hit that the team will face. This enables the team to have more financial flexibility in 2022.

Donald received $65M guaranteed, $46.5 of it was guaranteed after the signing. The likelihood Donald plays through 2024 is slim. Though, he says he wants another ring. If he doesn’t have one by then, he could look to play through his lucrative contract. Donald is being paid like a QB and rightfully so. One of the best to ever do it is being paid like it after this record-breaking contract.

Cooper Kupp Signs Three-Year Extension

Cooper Kupp’s extension makes for yet another large Rams payday. Kupp spoke about his wife Anna’s support and how much she has helped him. Cooper also was seen wearing a Matthew Stafford jersey. This could have been Kupp showing homage to the guy who helped him achieve the triple crown. Prior to his extension, he had two years left on his deal. Meaning it would of been up after the 2023 season. Kupp is now with the Rams through 2026. His extension makes the total $110M over the next five years. The Rams have their premier target locked up for the foreseeable future for what will likely turn out to be a good contract.

Contract numbers are consistently going up. Kupp’s deal will potentially be in the 5th-10th highest paid WR by 2023. The 28-year-old has been on a steady incline since he was drafted into the league. More time spent with Matthew Stafford should continue that growth.

Spending Comes At A Price

Amidst the Cooper Kupp extension news, the Rams also parted ways with special teamer and rotational linebacker Travin Howard. This move clears up $2.54M. The Rams have Bobby Wagner and Ernest Jones, so linebacker is no longer their biggest weakness. Howard could potentially come back on a cheaper deal if both sides were willing.

What Do These Rams Paydays Mean For The Future?

These moves have, oddly enough, created a scenario for it to be easier for the Rams to make another acquisition. Albeit not a huge one. Odell Beckham Jr. is a name that comes to mind. If you want to read about other potential suitors for the Rams, check out my article by clicking here.

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