Who could be the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion?

Who could be the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion?
Seth Rollins spoke on the importance of the World Heavyweight Championship on Monday Night Raw. Photo Credit: WWE

This past Monday, the Chief Content Officer of the WWE, Triple H, unveiled a brand new World Heavyweight Championship on Raw. It is a modern take on the highly popular “big gold belt” first introduced by the National Wrestling Alliance in 1985.

Since Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 38 to become the undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Monday Night Raw has seemingly only had the presence of the United States Championship and the Raw Women’s Championship. 

With the draft returning in a few short weeks, Triple H announced the World Heavyweight Championship will be the world title for whichever brand Reigns isn’t drafted to. The inaugural champion will be crowned at next month’s Night of Champions premium live event.

So with a new world title on the scene, let’s take a look at some faces that would make a viable inaugural champion.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has been hovering in the main event scene essentially since he ended The Shield. Recently he’s been a flat-out workhorse, succeeding in every division of the card, and putting on showstopper after showstopper at every PLE he graces. 

Rollins’ last run at the top had a sour ending with the disaster matches against The Fiend. But he’s a major draw, a person that shows his face every single week, and captivating in-ring talent, not to mention the fact he’s undefeated against Roman Reigns at PLE events. This past Monday, Rollins cut an incredible promo talking about the importance of the new World Heavyweight Championship.

“This is an opportunity for us to fight,” Rollins said. “This is the opportunity for us to have a world heavyweight championship that’s about more than politics and part-timers.”

Finn Balor

Despite the loss against Edge at Wrestlemania 39, Balor has been red-hot in the fallout, as the Judgement Day has been all over television. With Rhea Ripley as the Smackdown Women’s Champion, Damien Priest feuding with Bad Bunny, and Dominik Mysterio still clashing with his father, Balor is in a prime position to establish himself at the top of the card.

Back in 2016 when the Universal Championship was introduced, Balor was the inaugural champion defeating Seth Rollins at that year’s SummerSlam. Unfortunately, he vacated the title the following night on Raw after suffering a shoulder injury.

In the time since, Balor has held the NXT Championship a couple of times, as well as a few reigns as United States and Intercontinental Champion. To give him another opportunity at a world title would do wonders for both Balor and The Judgement Day.

LA Knight

LA Knight has been red-hot with the WWE Universe since his increased presence on television following a short feud with Bray Wyatt. Despite racking up television losses and not making an appearance at Wrestlemania 39, Knight has a lot of supporters from WWE Creative.

His promo work gave him the popular “Yeah!” catchphrase and his in-ring ability can more than back him up. Seeing an increased role near the top of the card can turn around the trajectory of his career.


The Rated-R superstar is nearing the final days of his in-ring tenure. Upon his shocking return in the 2020 Royal Rumble, Edge has given us some classics with his feuds against Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and Finn Balor. He’s built the Judgement Day, turned back the clock with the Brood music, won a Royal Rumble, and main-evented Wrestlemania 37.

But since his loss against Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank 2021, Edge has not been in the title picture. Historically, Edge is synonymous with the big gold belt, with seven reigns as World Heavyweight Champion, the most of any WWE superstar.

Edge has gotten the upper hand in every non-title rivalry he’s fought since his return, and a reign at the top would be very fitting for him before he officially calls it quits.

Bron Breakker

The WWE draft always serves as a golden opportunity for NXT call-ups to shine. And Bron Breakker seems like a main-event star ready to blossom. Son of Rick Steiner, and nephew of former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Scott Steiner, Breakker quickly established himself as a physical specimen in the ring. In just two years on the black-and-gold brand, Breakker was a two-time NXT champion and had the second-longest reign with the title.

With a recent title loss to Carmelo Hayes and a heel turn, Breakker has an entirely new chapter to write in his young career. And similar to how Finn Balor was called up in 2016, getting an opportunity to hold the World Heavyweight Championship would do wonders to establish him as a force on the main roster.

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