Aaron Jones Leads Pack to 27-10 Win

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Aaron Jones led the Pack to their first win of the season running amuck on the Bears in the process. Jones was a man unhinged, running for a blistering 132 yards on 15 attempts and a score. He also caught three passes for another 38 yards and six more points. Matt LaFleur came in with a very simple gameplan. Get Jones the football and let him work. Sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple.

Aaron Rodgers was relegated to more of a backseat or managerial role in the contest, passing for 234 yards and two scores. He was his usual efficient self despite putting up smaller numbers than some may be used to seeing. You probably won’t be hearing too much complaining from him though. One of the scores came from returning receiver Allen Lazard, a known favorite of Rodgers. Upon scoring, Lazard had a celebration Sammy Watkins had described as an ode to Aaron Rodgers.

Defense Stepped Up

The defense of the green and gold held up well although probably not to the standard they would have liked. David Montgomery looked elite in his own right, gashing the Packers defense for 122 yards on the ground. However, that’s about all you can point to on the Bears for solid production. Justin Fields managed only 70 yards through the air and a game sealing throw at the end. Unfortunately for him, it sealed the game for the cheeseheads, as the ball landed comfortably in Jaire Alexander‘s arms.

The game was a step in the right direction overall with the Pack going back to the Aaron Jones show. What’s equally important is that it was still far from perfect. Two unforced fumbles kept the game closer than it should have. The first was between a miscommunication on a hand off between AJ Dillon and Rodgers and the second a bad snap by Josh Myers. Amari Rodgers also muffed a punt but that ultimately resulted in nothing besides giving Packers fans unwanted flashbacks to last year’s abysmal special teams. There are still mistakes to clean up. But anytime you soundly beat a division rival, you can’t complain too much.

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