Potential Opponents for Canelo Alvarez In The Fall

Canelo Alvarez Potential Opponents
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As one of the most dominant boxers in the world today, there are numerous potential opponents for Canelo Alvarez vying for a chance to step into the boxing ring and go head-to-head with him. With a May 6 date against John Ryder coming up, fans and analysts alike are debating who Canelo Alvarez should fight next, with two names consistently rising to the top, Dmitry Bivol and David Benavidez.

Both Bivol and Benavidez are incredibly skilled fighters with impressive records, making them formidable challengers for Alvarez. However, when considering the two as potential opponents for Canelo, they present different strengths and weaknesses that must be considered.

Bivol is a skilled technician with an impressive record of wins and knockouts. His style is more defensive and technical, which could give Canelo difficulty landing significant punches. Additionally, Bivol fights at light heavyweight, which would require Canelo (58-2-2, 39 KOs) to move up in weight and potentially affect his speed and power in the ring. Bivol defeated Canelo last May, so a rematch in the fall may spark interest.

On the other hand, Benavidez has a more aggressive fighting style with a higher volume of punches thrown per round. This could play to Canelo’s strengths, as he has shown exceptional ability in countering on the ropes. Additionally, Benavidez fights at super middleweight, which means Canelo wouldn’t need to go up in weight to take him on.

The Case For Bivol

If Alvarez decides to go for Dmitry Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs)as his next opponent, he could continue solidifying his legacy by avenging his previous loss to the skilled technician. It would also give Canelo another belt at a light-heavyweight. When Canelo beat Sergey Kovalev for his first light-heavyweight title, critics and pundits felt the Russian was past his prime, detracting from Canelo’s victory’s significance.

Facing off against a fighter like Bivol, who is in his prime and has proven to be skilled at dodging punches, could help silence some of these critics and add another impressive win to Canelo’s record. Additionally, a win over Bivol could showcase Canelo’s ability to adapt his fighting style and overcome challenges in the ring, adding another layer of respect and admiration from his fans and critics alike.

The Case For Benavidez

Alternatively, if Canelo decides to take on Benavidez (27-0, 23 KOs), he would face a fighter with a more aggressive style that could bring excitement and intensity to the matchup. Benavidez is young at 26 years old and has already been champion twice.

Benavidez lost the WBC title due to a failed drug test, but he returned to reclaim the title before losing it again due to his inability to make weight. However, his recent outing against former Canelo opponent Caleb Plant showcased Benavidez’s power, speed, and endurance.

This strong performance could make him an appealing option for Canelo, who enjoys a challenge and wants formidable opponents. Moreover, Benavidez is well-known among boxing fans, so a win against him could bolster Canelo’s fame and financial power in the boxing world. The all-Mexican brawl could potentially attract a huge audience and lead to a historic moment in Mexican boxing.

It is more likely that Alvarez will choose Bivol as they share a promoter, which could make negotiations and fight arrangements smoother. Regardless of potential opponents for Canelo, there is no doubt that the boxing world will eagerly await his decision and anticipate another spectacular performance. First, he must take care of Ryder, who will look to get in his way and potentially spoil Alvarez plans.

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