Is Bryan Reynolds A Good Target For The Red Sox?

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Would Bryan Reynolds Be A Good Fit In The Red Sox Outfield?

Today, Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder and all-star, Bryan Reynolds, requested to be traded this offseason. Prior to his request for a trade, it’s reported that the Pirates front office offered a contract that would have made him the highest paid player in Pirates franchise history. However, this offer isn’t saying much. Reynolds would be the highest paid player, beating out Ke’Bryan Hayes’ $70 million extension in 2022. But it’s tough to want to stay playing in a constantly rebuilding franchise. So naturally, Reynolds requested a trade to presumably a playoff contending team. 

This past season, Bryan Reynolds hit .262/.345/.461 with 27 home runs. This kind of production could be exactly the fit the Red Sox are looking for. A gold glove caliber center-fielder with a very solid switch-hitting bat.

The Red Sox are in a tricky spot right now this offseason. They have a lot of holes to fill in this roster while also trying to stay under the luxury tax. The pursuit to bring back Xander Bogearts is still ongoing, along with trying to put together a stronger rotation and bullpen. On top of all of this, the Red Sox outfield in 2022 was messy. Would a trade for Bryan Reynolds be a good fix for a struggling lineup and a hurting outfield? Also, what would a trade for Reynolds look like?

What Would A Trade Package For Reynolds Look Like?

According to @JonHeyman on Twitter, the Pirates need to be blown out of the water with an offer for Reynolds as they have “no bearing” on their plans of trading him. For the Red Sox, a good trade package includes some top prospects like Ceddanne Rafaela, Nick Yorke, and Bryan Mata. Or rather than all three prospects, it could include some players with major league time, like Bobby Dalbec or John Schreiber.

Tweet via @JonHeyman

The Red Sox’s top 2 prospects, Marcelo Mayer and Triston Casas, should be untouchables when it comes to trades. But who knows what Chaim Bloom has ready, if Bryan Reynolds is even on the Red Sox’s radar. While it’s still relatively early, the Red Sox still has a long way to go in filling the gaps in this roster. A player like Bryan Reynolds would have a lot of upside potential, but it’s safe to presume the Pirates are going to want a lot for him. We will see if Chaim has a good trade package ready if it comes down to it.

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