The Red Sox Have Insulted Xander Bogaerts Once Again.

Xander Bogaerts
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – OCTOBER 19: Xander Bogaerts #2 of the Boston Red Sox stands on the field after striking out against the Houston Astros to end the seventh inning of Game Four of the American League Championship Series at Fenway Park on October 19, 2021 in Boston, Massachusetts. Mandatory Credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Red Sox Have Reportedly Insulted Xander Bogaerts Once Again.

The Winter Meetings have kicked off today and we are already seeing reports that the Red Sox’s meetings with Xander Bogearts are off to a bad start. This past week there was a report that Bogaerts “cut ties” with the Red Sox. This report was quickly refuted by Red Sox CEO, Sam Kennedy. Kennedy went on to say that he has no impression on any doors being closed between the two parties. However, today there is a new report saying that the meetings between Xander Bogearts and the Red Sox went so badly that it may be beyond repair.

According to @PeteAbe on Twitter, the Red Sox have yet to make a competitive offer to Bogaerts. He went further on to say that he asked his sources if the Red Sox screwed this up, the answer was yes. He also asked if it was fixable, the answer was “Maybe, but not looking very good right now.”

@PeteAbe via Twitter

This is a bad look for the Red Sox front office. There were rumors earlier this week that Bogaerts would let the Red Sox match any offer given to him. This report today shows that the Red Sox just don’t want to give him a competitive offer. This has been the running theme since spring training this past year. The Red Sox reportedly gave Bogaerts an offer that just tacked on another year onto his current contract for $30 million. After that insulting offer, extension talks halted for the remainder of the season. 

Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer, Chaim Bloom, has repeatedly gone on record to express the front office’ desire to bring back Xander Bogaerts, but actions have spoken louder than words so far this offseason.

We Have Seen This Before.

There have been multiple other contenders in the Xander Bogaerts sweepstakes. Some notable teams being the Phillies and the Cubs. However, Xander has expressed how much he would prefer to stay in Boston, but the Red Sox keep insulting him with non-competitive offers. The backlash would be unbelievable from Red Sox fans if the front office lets him leave for another team. Especially with Rafael Devers being another looming free agent next winter. 

It’s tough to say how true these reports are. The winter meetings bring a lot of rumors and drama to the surface when it comes to these free agent meetings. But if they are true, then the Red Sox are once again showing that they don’t seem to understand the importance of paying their home grown players. We saw it with Jon Lester and we saw it with Mookie Betts. It’s still early in the meetings, but I would be lying if I said that I’m still optimistic about Xander returning to Boston. Let us just hope that the Red Sox pony up and pay him what he is worth.

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